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Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Set in 1914, Milo Thatch, a young museum cartographer and linguistics expert, joins up with a group of explorers. The group is led by Preston B. Whitmore, an eccentric billionaire, and together they set off to find the legendary lost empire of Atlantis.

Using the journal of Milo's grandfather who began a quest many years ago, they set off in the Ulysses, a state-of-the-art submarine, led by Commander Rourke.

They discover a crystal energy which has kept the inhabitants of Atlantis alive. But the cunning Rourke steals the crystals and kidnaps the Atlantean Princess Kida. It's left up to Milo to rescue Kida and save the city.

96 minutes long.

Release Date

June 15, 2001.

Released on video in 2002.

Cast List

Directed By:
Gary Trousdale
Kirk Wise

Written By:
Tab Murphy

Fun Facts

This was the first 70mm film Disney made since The Black Cauldron in 1985.
The world premiere was on June 3, 2001, at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.
Linguistics expert Marc Okrand created a brand new language for the film, made up of a 29 letter alphabet, along with hundreds of Atlantean words that the actors could speak.
The creative team working on the film went 800 feet underground into the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico so that they could observe subterranean trails, which they then used as a model for the approach to Atlantis in the film.
They also visited museums where they studied World War 1 clothing and machinery.
The animators modeled Atlantis on the architecture of ancient civilizations in China, South America, and the Middle East.
The design of the animation was based on the style of Mike Mignola, a cult comic book artist.
The Leviathan Graveyard contains ships from every Disney movie.
The film's score was composed by James Newton Howard.
According to the writings of Philosopher Plato dating back to 360 B.C., " a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea."


Milo: So, I guess this is how it ends, huh? Fine, you win. You're wiping out an entire civilization, but, hey, you'll be rich. Congratulations, Audrey. Guess you and your dad will be able to open that second garage after all. And, Vinny, you-you can start a whole chain of flower shops. I'm sure your family's going to be very proud. But that's what it's all about, right? Money.
Commander Rourke: Get off your soapbox, Thatch. You've read Darwin. It's called natural selection. We're just helping it along.

Commander Rourke: Looks like all our chances for survival rest with you, Mr Thatch. You and that little book.

Commander Rourke: Once again, diplomacy has failed us. Now, I'm going to count to ten, and you're going to tell me where the crystal is. One, two, nine...

Milo: This is an illustration of the Leviatan, the creature guarding the entrance to Atlantis.
Vinny: With something like that I would have white wine, I think.




DVD & Soundtrack

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DVD Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary With Producer Don Hahn And Directors Kirk Wise And Gary Trousdale
  • Virtual Tours Of CG Models -- 3-D Turnarounds Of The "Ulysses" Submarine And Leviathan
  • How To Speak Atlantean -- With The Famous Linguist Who Developed The Atlantean Language
  • DisneyPedia Atlantis: Fact Or Fiction -- Fun And Interesting Theories About The Lost Continent Of Atlantis
  • Deleted Scene: Viking Prologue
  • Choice Of Viewing Options: Fullscreen (1.33:1) or Widescreen (2.35:1) Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio
  • Digitial-To-Digital Transfer


" a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea." - Plato, 360 B.C.
Go somewhere really different this year...
Atlantis is waiting...


When Milo is leaving the basement for his meeting, he picks up all his maps, but when he goes to pick up the picture of his grandfather, his arms and hands are empty, the maps have disappeared.
When Milo is on the highway to Atlantis, all he has with him are his clothes, but when he arrives at Atlantis he has his book and satchel.
When they arrive at Atlantic, they stand in front of a large digger machine, but when it shows a wide shot of the city, the digger has disappeared.
Before the ship is launched, Cookie mentions cilantro, but in 1914 this would have been known as coriander.

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