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A rags-to-riches fairytale of Cinderella, a beautiful young girl who is forced to become a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her father.

She remains upbeat despite spending her days waiting on Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella, helped along by her little mice friends. When an invitation to a ball at the Castle arrives, the mice set about making a dress for Cinderella to wear, and although she finishes her chores in time for the ball, her dreams are wrecked when her stepsisters tear the dress to shreds.

Just as she begins to lose hope, her Fairy Godmother appears and magics a pumpkin into a magnificent glass coach, complete with footmen and a beautiful dress to wear.

Cinderella attends the ball, where she and Prince Charming fall in love, but she has to flee at midnight before her coach turns back into a pumpkin. But she leaves behind one of her glass slippers which the Prince and Grand Duke then use to find her. Despite the efforts of her Stepmother and Stepsisters to lock her away out of sight, and with the help of her animal friends, Cinderella breaks free just in time to try the slipper on and prove it was her at the ball.

74 minutes long.

Release Date

February 15, 1950.

Re-released 1957, 1965, 1973, 1981, and 1987.
Released on video in 1988.

Cast List

Directed By:
Clyde Geronimi
Hamilton S. Luske
Wilfred Jackson

Written By:
Ken Anderson
Homer Brightman
Winston Hibler
Bill Peet
Erdman Penner
Charles Perrault


So This Is Love
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
The Work Song
Sing, Sweet Nightingale

Fun Facts

The film was Disney's most successful release since Bambi and grossed $4 million during its initial release.
Mike Douglas is the uncredited singing voice of Prince Charming.
Cinderella was nominated for three Academy Awards in 1950: Best Music, Scoring Of A Musical Picture, Paul J. Smith, Oliver Wallace; Best Music, Song, "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"; and Best Sound, Recording.
Walt Disney got personally involved in every aspect of the production and attended every story meeting.
The Prince's name is never mentioned during the film, and he is never referred to as Prince Charming.

Hidden Mickey - When Cinderella is singing "Sing, Sweet Nightingale," three bubbles form a Mickey head.


Jaq: Lucifee meany, sneaky, jump at you, bite at you!

(making Cinderella's dress)
Gus: I could cut it with the scissors!
Jaq: And I can help with the sewing.
Perla: Leave the sewing to the women. You go get some trimmin'.

Grand Duke: You are the only ladies in the house, I hope, er, I presume?

Cinderella: Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. "Come on, get up," you say, "Time to start another day." Even he orders me around. Well, there's one thing. They can't order me to stop dreaming.

Cinderella: It's midnight.
Prince Charming: Yes, so it is.
Cinderella: Goodbye.
Prince Charming: Goodbye? But you can't go now.
Cinderella: Oh, I must, please.
Prince Charming: But why?
Cinderella: Uh, well, uh... the Prince. I haven't met the Prince.
Prince Charming: The Prince?... but didn't you know...




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Midnight never strikes when you're in love.
For All the World to Love!
The greatest love story ever told (1957 re-release)


When she is getting dressed in the morning, Cinderella ties the ribbon around all of her hair. But in the next shot it's only tied around half of her hair.
When Cinderella is singing in the morning, Jaq is sitting on the headboard, but after the church bell rings, Jaq is shown at the foot of the bed.
Her bed sheet has patches on it, but when the birds fold it the patches have disappeared.
During the wedding ceremony, Cinderella's gown has long sleeves. But after the ceremony when they are leaving in the carriage and you see them through the back window, the gown has puffed sleeves.

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