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Lady and the Tramp

A cocker spaniel named Lady falls in love with Tramp, a mongrel with a heart of gold who lives in the railroad yards.

After several outings together, including a romantic moonlit dinner at Tony's, their relationship is put under a strain by Lady's loyalty to her human family and their new baby, and also by Tramp's attitude.

But it all ends happily when Tramp rescues the baby from a rat and wins Lady's love, and affection from her human family.

76 minutes long.

Release Date

June 22, 1955.

Re-released in 1962, 1971, 1980, and 1986.
Released on video in 1987.

Cast List

Directed by:
Hamilton Luske
Clyde Geronimi
Wilfred Jackson


He's a Tramp
The Siamese Cat Song
Bella Notte

Fun Facts

The idea for the film came from a short story "Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog," written by Ward Greene.
The film was the first of Disney's animations to be filmed in CinemaScope.
Tramp was originally called Homer, then Rags, then Bozo in early scripts.
Viewers never find out Darling's real name, as she's always referred to as "Darling."
Walt Disney gave his wife a dog, presented in a hat box, and he used the same idea in the film.
The Siamese cats Si and Am were originally to be called Nip and Tuck.
The world premiere was held in Chicago on June 16, 1955.


Lady: But when she put that horrible muzzle on me...
Tramp: Say no more, I get the whole picture. Aunts, cats, muzzles... Well, that what comes of tying yourself down to one family.
Lady: Haven't you a family?
Tramp: One for every day of the week. The point is, none of them have me.

Trusty: That's right, Miss Lady; as my grandpappy, Ol' Reliable used to say... I don't recollect that I've ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before?
Jock: Aye, ye have, laddie. Frequently.

Tramp: Not to change the subject, but, um... ever chased chickens?
Lady: I should say not!
Tramp: Oh-ho, then you've never lived!
Lady: But we shouldn't.
Tramp: I know. That's what makes it fun. Aw, come on, kid. Start building some memories.




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  • Lady's Pedigree: The Making Of LADY AND THE TRAMP
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One of the Greatest Love Stories Ever Told.
She's from the leash and license set... he's footloose and collar free!
The most delightful characters in a dog's age!


During the pregnancy montage, the dates on the calendar do not match from month to month.
When Lady is a puppy, Jim Dear puts her in her basket and lays some paper down on the floor. A few moments later the paper has gone.
When Jock and Trusty find Lady outside her collar changes from blue to tan.
When he's recalling Ol'Reliable to Jock and Lady, Trusty's nose changes color, from black to brown.

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