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Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos is made up of four animated sequences which are all tied together by live-action footage of Walt Disney and his artists on their trip to Latin America.

The segments are "Lake Titicaca," chronicling Donald's exploration of the Andes; "Pedro," the story of a baby airplane who replaces his father in the job of getting the mail through; "Aquarela do Brasil," with art showing the various landscapes of Brazil and José Carioca, the parrot, teaching Donald to dance the samba; and "El Gaucho Goofy," in which American cowboy Goofy becomes a gaucho on the Argentine pampas, learning the habits through off-stage narration.

42 minutes long.

Release Date

February 6, 1943.

Re-released in 1949.

Cast List

Walt Disney As Himself
Goofy Pinto Colvig
Narrator Frank Graham
Donald Duck Clarence Nash
Jose Carioca Jose Oliveira
Narrator Fred Shields
Mary Blair As Herself

Directed By:
Norman Ferguson
Wilfred Jackson
Jack Kinney
Hamilton Luske
Bill Roberts

Written By:
Dick Huemer
Fred Gipson
Harry Reeves
Homer Brightman
Joe Grant
Ralph Wright
Roy Williams
William Tunberg


Saludos Amigos
Aquarela Do Brasil
Tico Tico No Fuba

Fun Facts

The film premiere was on August 24, 1942 in Rio de Janeiro.
This was the first of Disney's animated features to be shown in South America before it was screened in the USA.
It was nominated for three Academy Awards in 1943: Best Music, Scoring Of A Musical Picture; Best Music, Song, "Saludos Amigos"; and Best Sound, Recording.




DVD & Soundtrack

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DVD Bonus Features

  • "South Of The Border With Disney" Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer


Walt Disney goes South American in his gayest musical Technicolor feature.

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