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The Wild

Samson the lion, Nigel the koala, Bridget the giraffe & her boyfriend Benny, and Larry the boa constrictor leave their comfortable life at the New York City Zoo and head to Africa on a rescue mission.

They manage to make it through the crazy streets of New York, but soon discover that they need to work together if they are going to survive out in the wild.

85 minutes long.

Release Date

April 14, 2006.

Released on video in 2006.

Cast List

Samson Kiefer Sutherland
Benny Jim Belushi
Nigel Eddie Izzard
Bridget Janeane Garofalo
Kazar William Shatner
Larry Richard Kind
Ryan Greg Cipes
Fergus Flamingo Colin Hay
Duke Miles Marisco
Eze Jack De Sena

Directed By:
Steve "Spaz" Williams

Written By:
Screenplay By Ed Decter & John J. Strauss And Mark Gibson & Philip Halprin
Story By Mark Gibson & Philip Halprin


Tales From The Wild
You Can't Roar
Lost In The City
Really Nice Day
The Mythology Of Nigel
The Ritual
Found Our Roar

Fun Facts

This was the biggest movie ever produced in Canada.
Over 400 animators were involved in working on the film.


Ryan: If you really wanted me to roar like you, you'd take me to the wild.

Kazar: Leader. Prophet. Choreographer.

Nigel: Je suis koala. Sprechen Sie Koala?




DVD & Soundtrack

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DVD Bonus Features

  • Blooper And Blunders -- Eddie Izzard Unleashed
  • Deleted Scenes -- Commentary By The Film's Creators
  • "Real Wild Child" Music Video -- Performed By Everlife


A whole new breed of tourist.
The Circle Of Life, meets the big apple.
Start spreading the newspaper.

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