Disney Dining Plan – is it worth it? Part 1 – Quick Service

Disney Dining Plan – is it worth it? Part 1 – Quick Service

The Magic Your Way Package plus Quick Service Dining is new for 2009, following on from the success of the standard Dining plan. One question I hear asked a lot is if it’s worth paying extra for the dining plan. That’s what I hope to answer with this article.

What does the Quick Service Dining plan include? 

Per package, per night, each guest is entitled to:

2 Quick Service Meals – 
One entrée OR one complete Combo Meal
One dessert (Lunch or Dinner) or one juice (Breakfast)
One single serving non-alcoholic beverage

2 Snacks –
Choose from:
 – Frozen ice-cream novelty, popsicle or fruit bar
 – Box of popcorn
 – Single serving grab bag of Frito-Lay’s chips
 – One 20oz bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dansani water
 – Single piece whole fruit
 – Medium fountain soft drink or apple juice

Resort Refillable Drink Mug –
1 per person, per package

The package costs $29.99 extra per person, per night.

For the purpose of this article we’ll imagine you’re on a 4 day visit to Disney World. 

Day 1 – Magic Kingdom

~ Mid-morning snack is a piece of fruit from Liberty Square Market
Green Apples – $1.06

~ Lunch is from Columbia Harbor House
Fried Fish Basket – $7.09
Chocolate Cake – $3.59
Minute Maid Orange Juice – $2.39

~ Mid-afternoon it’s quite warm and you fancy a nice cool Mickey Bar ice cream from one of the ice cream carts
Mickey Bar – $2.50

~ Dinner is at Pinocchio Village Haus
Pizza Combo Meal Pepperoni – $8.09
Strawberry Shortcake – $3.59
Coke – $2.39

TODAY’S TOTAL = $30.70

Day 2 – Animal Kingdom

~ Breakfast is at your hotel, Sassagoula Floatworks at Port Orleans French Quarter
Ham and Cheese Omelet – $6.49
Minute Maid Orange Juice – $2.39
Espresso – $2.69

~ Lunch is from Flame Tree BBQ
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich – $7.29
Key Lime Pie – $3.59
Sprite – $2.39

~ Afternoon snacks are from Tamu Tamu Refreshments and Safari Popcorn
Chocolate Milk Shake – $3.69
Popcorn – $2.59

TODAY’S TOTAL = $31.12

Day 3 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

~ Mid-morning snack is from Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner
Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Dessert Pretzel – $3.79

~ Lunch is from ABC Commissary
Chicken Curry – $6.49
Chocolate Mousse – $3.59
Fanta – $2.39

~ Afternoon you cool down with one of Peevy’s Frozen Concoctions   
Fanta Blue Raspberry – $3.29

~ Dinner is at Rosie’s All American Cafe
Double Cheeseburger – $7.09
Chocolate Cake – $3.59
Minute Maid Orange Juice – $2.39

TODAY’S TOTAL = $32.62

Day 4 – Epcot

~ Breakfast is at Sunshine Seasons
Adult Breakfast Platter – $6.29
Apple Juice – $2.39
Hot Tea – $1.89

~ Lunch is from the popular Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK pavilion
Fish & Chips – $7.99
Shortbread – $1.69
Minute Maid Lemonade – $2.09

~ Mid-afternoon you’re tempted into Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Norway
Rice Cream – $2.29

~ That makes you thirsty so you get a bottle of water from Cantina de San Angel
Dasani Bottled Water – $2.00

TODAY’S TOTAL = $26.63

Refillable mug – $12.49

So is it worth buying the QS dining plan?

For this comparison I’ve tried to choose a variety of different menu items, not necessarily the most expensive. Everyone’s tastes vary and each person will use their dining plan entitlements differently to the next person.

The total for meals on all 4 days, including the refillable mug = $133.56

QS dining plan for 4 days/nights would have cost = $119.96

So for this example you would come out $13.60 better off.

Obviously if you do your research in advance, plan where to eat to get the best value, and order the most expensive items on the menu, you can really get your money’s worth from the QS plan.

If you’re not a big eater, or prefer to eat at least one meal a day at a table service restaurant, the QS dining plan probably isn’t for you.

If you can get one of the free dining plan packages (one for UK guests has just become available) then it’s even better!

Happy eating! 🙂

(Prices shown for comparison purpose only, and may have changed since data was gathered.)

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2 thoughts on “Disney Dining Plan – is it worth it? Part 1 – Quick Service

  1. Also, the dining plans limit you to specific restaurants. You can’t eat just anywhere.

  2. There arent very many resturaunts you cant eat at. In fact the only one I can think of is the Coral Reef at EPCoT. We did the deluxe (3 table service & 2 snacks a day) and it was WELL worth it. Will always have it when we go back!

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