Dining Review ~~ Walt’s – an American Restaurant (DLP)

Dining Review ~~ Walt’s – an American Restaurant (DLP)

On a recent trip to Disneyland Paris, we decided to try Walt’s – an American Restaurant. We were taking advantage of the free dining plan, Walt’s was one of the few sit-down restaurants in the park, and appears to be the only one to get consistently good reviews.

Although it was a quiet time of year when we were visiting, because of the free dining promotion going on, we figured it would be a good idea to call in advance and make a reservation. This turned out to be unnecessary, as when we turned up for our 12pm booking, there was only one other table occupied in the whole restaurant! They’d almost finished dining, so for much of our meal we had the place to ourselves.

Walt’s is located part way up Main Street, on the left-hand side. You enter on the ground floor, check-in at the podium, and take the stairs or old-fashioned elevator up to the first floor. As soon as we got out of the elevator we were met by a Cast Member who showed us to our table, which was right next to a window overlooking the small side street where the barber’s shop is located. We had a reasonable view of the character train which passed along Main Street twice while we were there.

Walt's American Restaurant

The room settings are very grand and posh, albeit old-fashioned, with each of the six dining rooms being subtley themed after the ‘lands’ in the park. We were in the “Discoveryland” room.

Being on the dining plan meant we were given a set menu to choose from. In theory, we could’ve chosen something from the regular menu and paid the extra, but weren’t given the option. Our server’s English was pretty much non-existent, and ordering proved to be an effort!

Not liking anything on the set menu I decided to ask if I could have the fish and chips off the teenager’s menu. After much pointing and talking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, our server went off to check if this was ok. Seeing as our meal plan vouchers allowed us almost twice the price of the teenagers menu, it was no surprise to find out it was ok.

Walt's American Restaurant

Two fillets of fish in breadcrumbs were accompanied by a big mound of fried, mixed veggies and a small jar of tomato sauce. It was warm enough and very tasty, but too much and my plate wasn’t left empty.

DH opted for a starter of  Goats cheese marinated with pesto &  pine nuts,

Walt's American Restaurant

followed by Grilled rump steak slice with mixed salad, which also came with seasoned waffle fries, tomatoes on the vine, and a bowl of sauce.

Walt's American Restaurant

He polished both plates off and declared them to be very tasty!

DD had the child’s meal, which started with Cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mini mozzarella balls, cocktail sauce. She didn’t like any of these, so they remained untouched. The small fillet of white fish in breadcrumbs came with a pile of seasoned waffle fries and veggies. She’s a very picky eater, and fish is one of the few things she eats when we’re out, and she didn’t disappoint here. For her dessert we chose jelly, fruit, popping candy. She wasn’t sure what to make of the popping candy, and decided to feed it to me instead! The meal was served all at once on a Mickey plate, with three separate compartments.

Walt's American Restaurant

Being on the Teenager’s menu I was kind of restricted with my choice of desserts, which was disappointing, but I opted for the Mickey waffle, which was ok, but not terribly warm.

Walt's American Restaurant

DH could choose anything from the regular dessert menu, and went for Banana treat-sesame, mango coulis and passion fruit, which both looked and tasted yummy!

I’d give 10/10 for presentation, with each item looking very nice on the plate.

Service was a slight let down. The server was pleasant enough but hard to speak to as he didn’t speak much English, which made ordering difficult. They also took their time, and there were long waits between courses. Strange as we were the only ones in the restaurant, maybe they thought we looked as if we weren’t in a rush?

Prices are very steep, as they are everywhere at Disneyland Paris, and I’m not sure we’d go back here if we weren’t on the free dining promotion.

Overall, I’d give Walt’s – an American Restaurant 7/10.

You can view the menu here and more photos here.

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  • Tony Lee

    Now! I want to really go there! Did you see that food, Im the type of person that loves to eat and never knows when to stop! I love to eat a lot and when there are meals that look that great and a place that looks so pretty like that one, It makes me want to jump on the plan or get in the car to get over there right now! That was such an exciting reading thank you very much!

  • Zulufire

    It has been an excellent post and gets full marks for the information. Sometime I really get to thinking that if Disney could actually make more money by lowering the prices at the eating and souvenir outlets to rope in more customers.

  • Wow, those dishes looked so yummy! Especially that grilled rump steak.

    I also want to compliment the restaurant’s ambiance. It looks so homey.
    I hope me and my family can also drop by at that place once we get to visit Disneyland.

    Thanks for the share!