How to Make a Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

How to Make a Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

When my daughter’s first birthday was coming up I was in no doubt as to what theme her birthday cake would be – Tinker Bell!

Now, I’m no expert cake maker. In fact this is only the fourth proper cake I’ve ever made, so I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Tinker Bell Tinkerbell cake

This is how I made it… (click on the images for larger, full photos)

Make two cakes, using 6 inch and 7 inch cake tins. I won’t give the recipe here as you probably have your favorite cake recipe, and they’re easy enough to find online. You may have to cut some off the top of the cake to make it even if it’s risen in the center. This is why mine looks very bumpy, I haven’t quite got the hang of that part yet! But it didn’t matter with this cake as it was going to be covered with flowers.
I used a 1kg pack of sugarpaste, split it in half and colored one half pink and the other half a pale mint green. Roll the icing out and cover each cake. I should have probably not rolled it out so thin which would have covered the bumps a bit better. With leftover pink icing roll it into a sausage shape with your hands, then roll out into a thin strip. Use this to cover the edge of the cake board and trim round the edges to neaten. Save the leftover green icing for later (wrap or place in airtight container to stop it drying out).

Get a selection of flower and leaf shape cutters. I used flower paste for the flowers and leaves as it holds its shape so well. You could use regular sugarpaste but it won’t hold its shape as good as flower paste. Color small amounts of flower paste in the different colors that you want to use. I use powder colors, but you can use the liquid variety. Put a tiny amount into the flower paste and knead it over and over until the color is even. You can then add a bit more if needed to get the shade you require.

Cut out a number of leaf and flower shapes and shape them using your fingers and/or a shaper tool so that they look natural and not flat. Leave them to dry. I found the ones I made were dry enough to put onto the cake within about 30 minutes, but you may want to wait longer. Roll some tiny balls out of the paste and stick into the center of the flowers using royal icing. I made some of the leaves just before sticking them on the cake, so I could shape them around the cake edges.

Meanwhile, get the leftover green sugarpaste from earlier and add a small amount of green coloring so it’s a slightly deeper shade than the cake icing. Roll out into long ropes. Mix some royal icing and paint swirls onto the side of the green cake. Stick the sugarpaste ropes onto these swirls.
For the cake topper I bought a Disney Fairies figurine set from the Disney Store as I couldn’t find any proper Tinker Bell cake toppers. I just used the Tinker Bell figurine out of that set and stuck her onto the cake with a blob of royal icing.
Then you can start building up the decorations, starting with the leaves, then the flowers. Stick them on using royal icing.

For the blades of grass that go around the outside of the cake, get some flower paste (sugar paste is too fragile for this) that’s been colored green and roll out flat. Cut out using a sharp knife. I cut them out freehand, but you can make paper templates first if you wish. For the ones with curled over tops, simply curl over using your fingers and leave to dry on their sides, you can use a little scrunched up tissue to support them if needed. Once dry they’ll be sturdy enough to stick around the side of the bottom cake using royal icing.

Cut six different lengths of craft wire. For fourof them shape the tops into a spiral. With the other two, roll the tops around a thin icing tool or pencil. Cut out some flowers from flower paste or sugar paste using a small flower cutter. Lay them, one at a time, onto a surface and place the wire on top of the back of the flower. Place a small blob of royal icing onto the flower, followed by a small blob of flower/sugarpaste and press down gently to secure. Leave to dry. Once they are finished and dry place randomly behind the Tinker Bell figurine, pushing down gently into the cake. You can secure them at the base with a small blob of icing if you wish.

Finish off by sticking more flowers and leaves around the base of the cake.

For the name I rolled out some flower paste which I’d colored lilac, and cut out the letters freehand using a sharp knife. You could make paper templates or use letter cutters. I mixed some rejuvenating fluid with edible holographic powder and painted onto the letters. Then secure them to the cake using blobs of royal icing.
Finally I mixed some green edible glitter powder with rejuvenating fluid and painted it onto the leaves to give them a nice sparkle.

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  1. pls reply via daughter 1st birthday would be on july and i wanted it to be extra special..i wanted her birthday theme to be tinkerbell thats why i search the net to find best cake for her..i was amazed with how you made that cake.By the way her name is Chloe as well. Thanks and God Bless! 🙂

  2. Sorry, only make them for family. I’m in the UK anyway so don’t think it would travel well! Thanks 🙂

  3. Very impressive! I’ll have to try this, but on a smaller scale, I think!

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