All About Dining at Disneyland Paris

All About Dining at Disneyland Paris

Everyone who visits Disneyland Paris will need to dine, whether it’s at a counter service or table service restaurant, unless taking their own food. Although officially, as with other Disney theme parks, guests are not permitted to take their own food into the parks. However, a picnic area is provided between Disney Village and the guest parking lot for those that wish to take their own food.

Food within the Disneyland Paris Resort is notoriously expensive, and on the whole the quality isn’t that great.

Counter Service

All counter service locations have special meal deals on the menu, e.g. Menu 1Menu Classic, etc. Varying in cost between around 10 – 12 €, they consist of a main item such as a hot dog or chicken nuggets, along with fries and a beverage. The more expensive meal deals include a dessert and/or side order. Kid’s meal deals are also available, costing around 5 €, which include a main item such as sandwich duo or Mickey burger, with cherry tomatoes, choice of dessert and a beverage. Fries and sodas can be substituted upon request.

Mickey pizza at Restaurant en Coulisse

Alongside the meal deals are regular items available individually. There’s a reasonable variety on offer throughout the parks, although individual eateries tend not to have a large choice of main items. For example, Toad Hall Restaurant offers fish & chips, or chicken burger; Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant has a small selection of pizzas. Quite a few of the eateries have the same selection of salads available if you’re after a healthy option.

Desserts at each counter service place don’t vary much at all, but there’s usually a decent number of options to choose from. Tea Time menus are available at most places, which for around 3,50 € you get a hot drink and snack item, such as a Mickey brioche or churros. Pay 6 € and you get the hot drink in a souvenir mug.

Indoor counter service locations at Walt Disney Studios are few and far between, just Restaurant en Coulisse and Blockbuster Cafe, with the small Cafe des Cascadeurs open seasonally. Studio Catering Co. vans are dotted around the park and offer a reasonable selection of items between them, but the lack of seating around them make buying a main meal from them an unattractive option.

One thing that the Disney hotels would benefit from are counter service locations. Only table service restaurants can be found there, which is a big disappointment, especially when the parks close early. Even Disney Village is made up mostly of table service places, which probably explains why McDonald’s there is always busy!

Restaurant en Coulisse

Table Service

This is where food gets especially expensive. A three-course meal with soft drink for one person at Walt’s in Disneyland Park can easily cost over 40 €. Cheaper options are available, with a buffet meal plus drink for just over 20 €, though the food quality isn’t anything to write home about. There aren’t many table service restaurants in the parks, in fact there’s only one buffet restaurant in Walt Disney Studios park, and they very often close early during off-peak seasons. Therefore many people choose to eat dinner outside of the parks, in Disney Village or at the hotels.

Set menus are usually available at each restaurant, which can work out cheaper for multiple courses, but no substitutions on menu listings are allowed. In-park restaurants may offer a quick menu, with set items for a set price and promise to have you served, filled up and back out into the park within anything from 40-60 minutes!

Walt's - Grilled rump steak slice

Character Meals

Character meals aren’t as prevalent as at Walt Disney World, but there are a few places to dine with Mickey & Co.

If you want to forego the breakfast in your Disney hotel you can pay to dine buffet-style with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and friends at Cafe Mickey in Disney Village. Cafe Mickey is also open for lunch and dinner, served a la carte.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon in Disneyland Park has a buffet lunch and when the park opens late in peak-season it also opens for dinner. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and friends visit tables and dance to the live band playing on stage.

Lucky Nugget Saloon character lunch

Lucky Nugget Saloon character buffet lunch

Auberge de Cendrillion in Disneyland Park is the priciest option, and also has a very limited menu which may put a lot of people off. However if you and your kids are not  fussy eaters and don’t mind paying €€€ then it’s a good place to see the princes and princesses without having to enter the scrum that normally ensues at in-park character meet and greets.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon also hosts a character tea party each afternoon, featuring cakes, pastries and a beverage for a set price.

Auberge de Cendrillon slipper dessert


Children are catered for at counter service places, as mentioned above, although menu choices are pretty limited. One or two more options are provided at table service locations. Teenagers get their own menu at a few restaurants, again a set menu, but with just a couple of options.

Babies are only catered for in certain restaurants, which I believe are those at Disney hotels (not including buffet restaurants). The baby menu includes a jar of baby food, bib and spoon. Having taken babies on two occasions we’ve never been offered baby food, and when I asked at one restaurant I was told the option wasn’t available there, so I wouldn’t rely on being able to get the baby menu unless you check with the specific restaurant before visiting.

Highchairs are available everywhere, both counter service and table service.

Most Disney owned table service restaurants include a free gift with children’s meals. In the past we’ve had a frisbee at Annette’s Diner, a tube with coloring pictures and pencils at Cafe Mickey, and best of all and still in use today, a mini spirograph set at Lucky Nugget Saloon.


Breakfast is included in the price of a Disney hotel stay, and is served buffet-style in one of the hotel’s restaurants. The better the hotel, the better the breakfast on offer! Disneyland Hotel and Hotel New York guests get the best choice with hot food items on the buffet, the cheaper hotels only have cold items, with the cheapest of all just getting a croissant and drink.

Breakfast at Parkside Diner, Hotel New York


  • Avoid the lunchtime rush and long queues by eating before midday or after 2:30pm.
  • If you want to escape the lunchtime crowds in the parks, walk outside to Disney Village and grab a bite to eat or sit-down meal there.
  • If you’re planning to eat dinner in Disney Village, be advised that the restaurants there can get very busy after 7pm, especially when the parks close early during off-peak season. Aim to eat there before 6pm and you shouldn’t have any problems getting a table without having to queue.
  • Certain Disney Village restaurants, including Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig’s, and Planet Hollywood aren’t owned by Disney and therefore aren’t included on the half-board meal vouchers.
  • Book the first available seating for character meals, when it will be less crowded and you’re likely to get more time with the characters.
  • Hotel breakfasts get more crowded the later the time. So if you want to get headed for the parks rather than wasting time in line waiting to be seated, aim to get there before 8am.
  • Fill-up as much as you can at breakfast then you won’t be tempted to stop for a morning snack, and will last longer until lunchtime.
  • If you plan to eat at a table service restaurant each day, you can save up to 15% off regular menu prices by purchasing the half board meal plan.
  • Watch out for free dining offers which typically run through winter. A great way to save a lot of money. Read our review here.
  • Reservations for most table service restaurants can be made up to 2 months in advance by calling +33 (0)1 60 30 40 50 (you can choose an option to speak to an English speaking agent). Annette’s Diner doesn’t accept advance reservations.

Get details of all dining establishments at DLP in our dining section. Menus are also listed.

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