Candy Buffets at Disney Weddings

Candy Buffets at Disney Weddings

Candy buffets are the latest trend for weddings and parties. Not only do they look stunning when they are done right, but are also sure to be a huge hit with your guests!

A candy buffet is pretty much as it sounds, a table is set up with numerous jars and bowls, all filled with candy, which guests help themselves to, just like a buffet.

You need to make sure your budget will stretch to having a candy buffet before you begin to plan, and although you may think candy won’t cost much, you may be surprised! Even if you’ve only got a small number of guests, you will need to purchase enough candy to make the display look good. Add to that the cost of the display jars and it can be more expensive than you’d first think. But don’t let that put you off!

First, you need to decide on a color scheme, which will most likely fit in with your general wedding color scheme. You may decide to go for shades of one color, say pink or green. Or a combination of colors, for example pinks and purples, greens and yellows, or fall colors.

Disney can supply all sorts of candy in pretty much any color scheme you choose, matching them to the bride’s colors and favorite candy. On a average Disney candy buffet’s cost $1,000 – $2,000.

If you supply your own candy it must be individually wrapped and come in the manufacturer original container with labels. So no M&M’s, big gumballs or loose candy. No candy can be homemade.

If Disney Florist provides the containers and candy, it can be loose candy since Disney will have control on where they came from and how they were handled.

They can also supply the display jars and bowls, scoops and any table decorations you choose, but will charge for them. If you want to save money, consider bringing your own containers, which can be bought relatively cheaply from local stores or online via ebay or specialist websites. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes. Clear jars work best, but you could also use some shaped bowls or martini glasses. Display them at different heights for a better look.

Don’t forget some sort of box or bag that your guests can put their candy into, and signage for the table.

Simple types of packaging that you can make or buy cheaply yourself are small boxes with your initials printed or stuck on, or paper / cellophane bags with your own personalized label stuck on. It’s best to provide packaging that’s not too big, unless you have an abundance of candy.

Make sure you order enough candy to fit the size of jars you’ve got – half empty jars at the start of the buffet won’t look too good! Between 5-10 different types of candy is enough, with anything from 15-20lbs of each one. It might sound like a lot of candy but you need to make a visual impact.

If you’re on a small budget, forget about any extra table decorations, guests probably won’t even notice them in their rush to get candy! Simple colored fabrics laid across the table are more than enough. You could also scatter silk flower petals or confetti around the jars.


Cinderella – pale blue and white candies, heart lollipops, shimmering organza fabric draped around table, with castle confetti sprinkled around.

Mickey Mouse – Mickey Rice Krispie treats, lots of yellow, red and black candies, Mickey lollipops, Mickey confetti sprinkled on table.

Little Mermaid / Beach Theme – Salt water taffy, fudge, caramel apples, blue, pale yellow & white candies, mini sand shovels as scoops, blue and silver organzas laid across table.

Spring Wedding – pastel colored candies, flower and butterfly shaped candies and lollipops, flower petals sprinkled around the jars.

Fall Wedding – caramel cups, chocolate leaves, fall colored candies (orange, red, dark green, golden yellow), rich colored fabrics draped over table, silk leaves or petals sprinkled around jars.


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  1. I love this idea! There are soooo many different directions to take this. Imagine a candy buffett of just the wedding colors, or just chocolates! The possibilities are endless. Not to mention how much easier it would make putting the reception together.

  2. Hi Guys! We’ve been creating Custom Candy Buffet Bars, Wedding Candy Buffets, Candy Catering & Candy Events for Disney, Fairytale Weddings, The Disneyland Resort & More! We absolutely love the Magic Kingdom- there is no place like it on earth! xoxo, Candy Girls

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