Toy Story Playland Fun Facts and Photos

Toy Story Playland Fun Facts and Photos

Toy Story Playland at Disneyland Paris is now officially open!

The newest land at Walt Disney Studios Park is themed after the successful Toy Story movies, and features three new attractions.

Guests will feel as they’ve been shrunk to the size of toys as they enter the new land, walking past a four-meter-tall Buzz Lightyear who guardsone of the entrances. Benches are fashioned from Lincoln Logs, a wall is constructed of dominoes, and giant blades of grass tower over visitors to the new outdoor play area inspired by the backyard where Andy, the boy from Toy Story, took his toys to play. Giant Tinkertoys®, Lincoln Logs®, a ball and jacks, children’s blocks, a balsa wood plane and other nostalgic playthings have been “thrown” across the walkways, lit at night by oversized holiday lights. Andy’s enormous but subtle footprints can be found in the walkway, reinforcing the notion of scale.

There are two entrances to Toy Story Playland. At the main entry is the giant Buzz Lightyear action figure standing proudly on a pile of blocks. At the second entrance at the other end of the land, monkeys from a giant blue Barrel of Monkeys® welcome guests with letters from a Scrabble game.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop features a simulated fall from the sky with Andy’s Green Army Men. When Sarge yells, “Go!” guests sail up into the air 27 meters, then drift back down to star targets below with the aid of their “parachutes.” The setting for the attraction is a Green Army Men toy training camp, with human-sized green army men, a quonset hut, jeep, crates, a lookout station, even a baby monitor (which the Green Army Men use to communicate with each other). Guests can pause for a photo in a parachute with a backdrop of blue sky.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin is a zany attraction inspired by retro “caterpillar” rides. With guests aboard, Slinky Dog chases his tail in a circle, first slowly, then faster and faster. A board game in the queue keeps guests entertained. At the exit is a towering Rex the Dinosaur, ready for photos.

RC Racer! features a daring half-pipe maneuver just like the popular Hot Wheels® track, only on a much larger scale. Guests are shot out of the station by the Hot Wheels® Super Charger. When the lever is pulled, the Radio-Controlled toy car of Andy races to the top of an exhilarating 25-meter half pipe on a U-shaped circuit.


Toy Story Playland:

Toy Story Playland is the first Toy Story-based land in any Disney theme park in the world.

All of the music throughout Toy Story Playland is based on the original themes from the Toy Story movies composed by Randy Newman.

The Rex figure in Toy Story Playland stands about half the height of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex, but is much less ferocious.

It would take just over 168 Toy Story Playland size Lincoln Logs to reach the very top of the Eiffel Tower.

The large rubber ball found in Toy Story Playland was originally seen in Pixar’s first short film, “Luxo Jr.” from 1986.

Andy, the young boy who owns Buzz, Woody and all their pals, was 8 years old in “Toy Story 2”, yet his shoeprints found in the middle of Toy Story Playland are just over 10 meters long.

Visitors will see shoeprint when they will be on the top of Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.

Many of the Tinker Toys throughout the land are configured to represent figures including a duck, reindeer, a drinking bird, and even kids jumping. Can you spot them?

Buzz Lightyear:

Buzz Lightyear’s design was inspired by the white spacesuits worn by Apollo astronauts and his name was inspired by Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon. That’s quite an improvement over Buzz’s original name from early on in the production of “Toy Story” – Lunar Larry.

The same 3D computer model of Buzz Lightyear used to make the Toy Story movies was digitally output to create the Toy Story Playland’s Buzz Lightyear entrance figure.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop:

The army base that is home to Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop is called Fort Emery, inspired by Pixar’s home in Emeryville, California.

It would take 206 of Toy Story Playland’s giant green army soldiers, standing on each other’s shoulders, to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower.

It would take 16 of Toy Story Playland’s giant green army soldiers, standing on each other’s shoulders, to reach the top of the parachute tower. It would take 492 actual green army soldier toys to do the same.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin:

Slinky Dog in Toy Story Playland weighs approximately 2,000 times more than a real miniature dachshund and 16,000 times more than the Slinky Dog toy.

Although Slinky Dog is based on a real pull toy, the character was redesigned by Pixar for the first Toy Story movie. The toy company then re-released the toy using the new design.

Slinky Dog’s box is based on the original toy’s artwork, but redesigned to feature the Pixar version of the toy.

The retro 50’s board game that is featured inside of Slinky Dog’s box was actually developed by Walt Disney Imagineering during the creation of Toy Story Playland.

The Slinky Dog toy has 17 slinky rings, while Toy Story Playland’s Slinky Dog features 34 rings.

RC Racer:

The RC car in Toy Story Playland weighs almost 9 times as much as a modern Formula One racing car and almost 2,300 times as much as the toy version of the RC car.


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