Exclusive: Mickey Mouse to Retire

Exclusive: Mickey Mouse to Retire

Magical Kingdoms can exclusively reveal that Mickey Mouse has announced his retirement, with effect from today, April 1st, 2011.

At the grand old age of 83, Mickey blamed his decision largely on the fact that Disney have recently made him homeless, demolishing his house to make way for the new Fantasyland expansion.

“Can you imagine being made homeless at my age, and all to make way for a new Dumbo ride? They’ve finally given me a new home at Town Square Theater, but it’s just not the same, I don’t even have a bed to sleep in,” Mickey complained.

He continued, “And then there’s being expected to be here, there and everywhere, jetsetting around the world. It’s tough trying to be in two places at once don’t ya know?!”

Mickey Mouse was born in 1928, making his debut in the silent animated short Plane Crazy, although many consider his first appearance to be in Steamboat Willie, which was actually released six months later. He has since starred in many cartoons, comics, TV shows and has made regular appearances at Disney Parks around the world.

Questioned on his future plans Mickey revealed that he’s considering taking a Disney cruise. “It’ll be a nice way to start retirement, and I’ll even be able to leave the ship for a change!” quipped Mickey.

Our sources tell us that Disney are hastily trying to find a new mouse to replace Mickey.

Disney spokesperson, Flora Opil,  refused to comment on the shock news, mumbling something about having to interview someone called Jerry.

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