Top 10 Annoying Things at Disney Parks

Top 10 Annoying Things at Disney Parks

When we asked members on our Disney forums to name their top annoyances at Disney Theme Parks, we got quite a response! Here are the most common gripes:

1. People cutting in line. Including families who have one person waiting in line, then the rest of the group show up once they’re near the front, and push their way past everyone else to get to that person.

2. The free-for-all that ensues when a bus turns up, or an elevator door opens. Most not giving any regard to who was there waiting first.

3. People who don’t give up seats on buses for someone carrying a baby or toddler, or for elderly guests.

4. People who smoke in non-smoking areas, i.e. most of the parks. Disney, if you’re going to have a rule, please enforce it!

5. Lack of seating, especially at counter service places. And people who take up the few seats available when not eating there.

6. Path blockers. Whether it’s a group of people stood having a conversation stopping others getting past, or a group walking slowly side by side taking up the whole pathway.

7. People (especially tall ones) who arrive to watch the fireworks just before they start (after you’ve been stood there for 30 minutes) and place a child on their shoulders, blocking everyone’s view.

8. Likewise, those who try pushing in front of you just before a parade starts when you’ve been holding your spot for up to two hours.

9. Those arriving after a show has started, and those who stop mid-row, ignoring the request from CMs to “move all the way down the row.”

10. People walking in front of you when you’re taking a photo.

There were many more cited by our forum members, including having to go home at the end of the trip! What are your top annoyances at Disney?

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  • I HATE the bus zoo effect!

  • Soo true! (I just got back from Disney World yesterday, and numbers 10 and 7 are the most annoying for me.)

  • tammy

    Ugh. The buses are the worst. I wish they had railings for the bus queues at the resort stops so that people would form proper lines.

  • Benjamin D. Lee

    I completely agree the buses are the worst. However my biggest pet peeve while in the parks is definately path blockers. My last visit to WDW made me late to my dinner reservation and good thing they were nice because I would have lost my dinner reservation.