How to Save Money on a Disneyland Paris Trip

How to Save Money on a Disneyland Paris Trip

Visiting Disneyland Paris can be very expensive, especially in comparison to a trip to Walt Disney World. The exchange rate doesn’t help either, and makes food and drink over there seem all the more extortionate. Here, we’ll look at the ways you can try and save money on your trip and get the best value.

Reservations & Travel

If you plan on staying in a Disney hotel, be warned, it can be very expensive! But having said that, there are nearly always offers on, whether it be a percentage off, free dining, or free nights. Some offers may only be for select days or hotels. The best thing to do is check out our DLP discount forum which always shows the latest offers. If you’re a forum member (free to join) you can subscribe to the forum and be notified of any new offers posted. If there isn’t one available for the dates you want, keep checking back, as new discounts are usually released at regular intervals (unless you’re visiting within a month or so).

Be flexible with dates if possible. You’ll pay a lot more during school holidays, especially October half term. The parks have Halloween events going on and Disney aren’t daft, they know there’ll be a high demand and hike the prices as a result. Timing your visit just week after half term can halve the cost of staying at the Disney hotels.

If there is no discount available at your chosen hotel, check a different hotel as some offers only apply to certain hotels on certain dates.

Consider one of the partner hotels such as the Magic Circus or Radisson Blu. They’re just a few minutes from the parks by free shuttle bus and some have great themeing, making them perfect for kids.

Look at booking travel separately. Eurostar, ferries and flights all have special offers on from time to time. Before booking an all-in-one package be sure to get individual quotes first to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Even if flying looks to be cheaper than Eurostar, consider how you’re going to get from the airport to the Resort. The cost of shuttles may mean that Eurostar comes out cheapest overall.

If flying into CDG Airport, taking the TGV direct to the Resort may be a better option than using shuttle buses.


One of the complaints many people have about DLP is the cost of food.

Skip the table service meals unless you’ve got money to spare! A three-course meal at a table service restaurant can easily cost around €40 per person, whereas a counter service meal deal, although not cheap, only costs around €10-12.

Most counter service restaurants offer meal deals, which usually include a main course, side item, drink and sometimes a dessert. They offer good value and save money over buying the items individually. But don’t get them unless you’ll eat everything included.

Food portions at some places, including Toad Hall, are quite large and may be enough for two people to share.

We have Disneyland Paris menus here which you can check out before your visit and get an idea of costs and what sort of foods are available to plan your mealtimes.

Buy drinks and snacks from outside of the parks. If driving you can take your own from home, or stop at a hypermarket on the way. They’re cheaper to buy at the Marne la Vallee train station, and at the petrol station next to Hotel Santa Fe.

If you have kids, buy one adult main course for them to share rather than separate kids’ meals (which are limited in choice anyway).

If you’re staying at a Disney hotel, fill up on the free buffet breakfasts and you may only need a snack at lunchtime.

We’ve also put together a list of sites where you can make a bit of spending money to help towards the cost of your Disney trips. You’re not going to make millions, but every bit helps!

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