Meeting Characters on the Disney Dream

One of the many great things about sailing on the Disney Dream is the abundance of characters you’ll find onboard.

Most characters make more than one appearance for meet and greets, and with a few exceptions, the lines don’t tend to get too long, meaning low wait times.

So how do you know when and where the characters will appear? A quick check of your Personal Navigator will reveal the times and locations for each character for that day. A screen in the lobby also displays meet and greet times for that day, or you can dial 7-PALS from your stateroom phone for a full schedule.

Along with individual character appearances, such as Mickey or Donald, characters also appear in groups all at the same time. On the last day, “See ya Real Soon,” is a group character event in the lobby, where you’ll find the likes of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto. At this meet and greet you’ll need to get in a new line to meet each character. But at the Princess gathering there’s just one line to meet all Princesses.

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Disney Dream Embarkation Day

Following on from my last article about arriving at Port Canaveral, here I’ll cover what you can expect on your first day (or rather half day) on board the Disney Dream.

What you do when you first get on board will depend on a number of things. Firstly, what time you board will be a major factor in what you’re able to do. Also, if you’ve managed to book things like Palo, Remy, spa, etc online, and have the dining seating you want, you won’t need to go and book / change them.

The earlier you get onboard the better. The more you’ll get done on that first afternoon, and better chance you’ll have of getting the reservations you want. We took the DCL bus for the first time on our last cruise, and only got on board just before 2pm, which meant we’d missed out on a lot of things. So bear this in mind when deciding how you’ll get to port.

So let’s imagine you haven’t managed to book any of those things online and need to do them when you board. Times may vary, but on our cruise Senses Spa opened at 12pm; the Port Adventures desk (for booking shore excursions) opened at 12:30pm; and dining seating changes, Palo and Remy bookings began at 1pm. The earlier you get there, the better chance you have of getting the times you want, if indeed there are any at all left.

If you’ve never sailed on the Disney Dream before you might be interested in taking one of the tours of the ship, typically at 1pm and 2pm. It’s a huge ship, and takes some navigating, so an organised tour is a great way to get your bearings before sailing.

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