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10 of the Best… Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris

Here are our 10 best tips for visiting Disneyland Paris…

1 – Visit for a minimum of 3 nights. If you want to do as many rides & attractions as you can, you really need to stay for at least 3 nights. Disneyland Park can be done in a day, if you arrive early and stay until park closing, and if it’s not too busy. But it’s best done over two days, especially during peak times when queues are longer. Walt Disney Studios can be done in one day. There may be attractions that you want to repeat, or that you missed first time round. Guests may also want to visit the nearby outlet village for a bit of shopping. If you want to visit Paris for the day, stay in a cheaper hotel rather than wasting money on a Disney hotel when you won’t be there all day.

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