The Best iPhone and Android Phone Apps for a Disney Vacation

There aren’t many people who go on vacation to Disney who don’t take a cellphone (mobile phone) with them these days. And with Disney rolling out free Wi-Fi access at their Walt Disney World theme parks it’s a great time to make use of your phone as a vacation planning and information tool.

So what are the best apps to have on your phone when you’re visiting the Mouse?

My Disney Experience

An official app from Disney, this is a must if you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Featuring GPS-enabled maps to help guide you around the parks, plus official wait times and FASTPASS return times for the park you’re in.
Detailed information on the attractions in each park is provided, with descriptions, photos and height requirements.
Make dining reservations, view menus, and also find the location of your favorite characters.
You can even use the app when not in the parks, play trivia games and plan your upcoming trip using the favorites feature.

Cost: Free
iTunes link

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Disney – Transforming Imagination to Reality

By Guest Blogger Kathleen Hubert.

Many can list Walt Disney’s accomplishments as easily as they might list items on a grocery list. Disney created Mickey Mouse. He produced the first full-length animated movie. His amusement park, Disneyland, became the first theme park. Disney formed the first multimedia corporation. Disney’s achievements are truly impressive, but more impressive still may be the impact that he and his company have made upon the world and world culture.

Mickey Mouse, Disney’s first unqualified success, appeared at a time when the world was in the first throes of the Great Depression. Mickey’s indomitable spirit, as well as the technological advances that Disney displayed in those first cartoons, struck a chord with movie-going audiences seeking signs that neither the human spirit, nor humanity’s ability to progress into the future, had been irreparably damaged by hard times. People became invested in Mickey Mouse. In rooting for Mickey, audiences were cheering on their own success as well.

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