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Disney – Transforming Imagination to Reality

By Guest Blogger Kathleen Hubert.

Many can list Walt Disney’s accomplishments as easily as they might list items on a grocery list. Disney created Mickey Mouse. He produced the first full-length animated movie. His amusement park, Disneyland, became the first theme park. Disney formed the first multimedia corporation. Disney’s achievements are truly impressive, but more impressive still may be the impact that he and his company have made upon the world and world culture.

Mickey Mouse, Disney’s first unqualified success, appeared at a time when the world was in the first throes of the Great Depression. Mickey’s indomitable spirit, as well as the technological advances that Disney displayed in those first cartoons, struck a chord with movie-going audiences seeking signs that neither the human spirit, nor humanity’s ability to progress into the future, had been irreparably damaged by hard times. People became invested in Mickey Mouse. In rooting for Mickey, audiences were cheering on their own success as well.

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Top 3 Disney theme park scams to avoid

1. Free or heavily discounted park tickets

Many timeshare companies advertise free or heavily discounted theme park tickets for Walt Disney World or Disneyland. But there’s a catch. To get your free tickets you must attend a timeshare presentation which can last around 90 minutes – 2 hours. Far from being relaxed affairs, these presentations often lay on the pressure to buy into a timeshare and can be quite intimidating to many. If you think you can stand the heavy sales pitch and pressure, take a few moments to read the small print. Conditions are usually quite specific, and to qualify for the offer a minimum income is usually required, along with showing a major credit card before the presentation begins, and other strict terms. Some “free” offers also require you to book a package stay at one of their hotels to qualify for the tickets.

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