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Opening Hours

Sample opening hours from the Disney Wonder (subject to change):

Embarkation Day
Parrot Cay Upon boarding - 2:30pm
Beach Blanket Buffet Upon boarding - 3:15pm
Promenade Lounge, Cove Cafe, Pluto's Doghouse, Pinocchio's Pizzeria, Signals Bar Open upon boarding
First Seating 5:30pm, 5:45pm, 6:00pm
Second Seating 8:00pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm
Palo Reservations
Reservations for dinner and brunch taken in Wavebands 1:00pm-3:30pm
Changes in Dining Reservations
In Wavebands 1:00pm-3:30pm
By phone 3:30pm-5:00pm
Flounders Reef Nursery
Registration, Deck 5 Aft 12:30pm-3:15pm
Aloft (13-17 years)
Open House for Teens 12:30pm-3:15pm
Oceaneer Club & Oceaneer Lab (3-12 years)
Registration 12:30pm-3:15pm
4:30pm-6:00pm (Lab only)
Family Time 12:30pm-3:15pm
4:30pm-6:00pm (Club only)
Sail-Away Celebration
Goofy Pool 4:15pm
Shore Excursion Desk
Deck 3 midship, starboard side 1:00pm-3:15pm
Vista Spa Reservations
Tours & Reservations 12:00pm-3:30pm
Open for Treatments 4:30pm-10:00pm
Shopping Presentation
Buena Vista Theatre 2:30pm


  Nassau Day Castaway Cay Day Day at Sea
Beach Blanket Buffet 7:30am-10am 7:30am-10am 7:30am-10:45pm
Parrot Cay 8am-11:30am 8am-11am 9am-11am
Early Bird Danish & Coffee 6:30am-7:30am 6:30am-7:30am 6:30am-7:30am
Triton's 8am-9:30am 8am-9:30am 8am-9:30am
Beach Blanket Buffet 12noon-2pm - 12noon-2pm
Pinocchio's Pizzeria 11am-6pm 12noon-6pm 11am-6pm
Pluto's Dog House 11am-6pm 1:30pm-6pm 11am-6pm
Scoops 12noon-6pm 1:30pm-6pm 11am-6pm
Triton's 12noon-1:30pm - 12noon-1:30pm
Parrot Cay - 12noon-1:30pm -
Animator's Palette 5:30pm-8pm 5:30pm-8pm 6pm-8:30pm
Parrot Cay 5:45pm-8:15pm 5:45pm-8:15pm 5:30pm-8pm
Triton's 6pm-8:30pm 6pm-8:30pm 5:45pm-8:15pm
Pluto's Dog House 6pm-10pm 6pm-9:30pm 6pm-9:30pm
Late Night Snacks
Pirate Buffet, deck 9 - 10:45pm-11:30pm -
Pinocchio's Pizzeria 9:30pm-12mid. 9:30pm-12mid 9:30pm-12mid
Promenade Lounge 11pm-12mid. - 10:45pm-11:45pm
Scoops (Ice Cream) 6pm-9pm 6pm-9:30pm 6pm-8pm
Route 66 11pm-12mid - 10:45pm-11:45pm
Added Features
Beverage Station 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Room Service 24 hours until 1:30am until 1:30am
Bar Hours
On Deck
Cove Cafe 7am-12mid 7am-12mid 7am-12mid
Outlook Bar closed closed 11:30am-3pm
Signals 9:30am-12mid 2:30pm-9:30pm 9am-9:30pm
Preludes during theatre shows during theatre shows during theatre shows
Promenade Lounge 9am-12mid 1pm-12mid 9am-12mid
Studio Sea during events during events 7:30pm-12mid
Route 66
Cadillac Lounge 6pm-12mid 5:30pm-12mid 2pm-12mid
Diversions 1pm-12:30am 1pm-12:30am 11am-12:30am
Wave Bands 7pm-2am 7:30pm-1:30am 7:30pm-1:30am
Everything Else
Aloft 12noon-2am    
Art Gallery 7pm-8pm 7pm-8:30pm 7pm-8pm
Discover Shopping Desk 8:15am-9:15am - 7pm-8:30pm
Flounders Reef Nursery 9am-2:30pm
Goofy's Pool 6am-11pm 6am-7pm 6am-11pm
Guest Services Desk 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Health Center 9:30am-11am
Mickey's Mates 6pm-12mid 5:30pm-12mid 9am-12mid
Mickey's Pool 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-10pm
Mickey's Slide 9am-6:30pm 1pm-6:30pm 9am-6:30pm
Oceaneer's Club 9am-1am 9am-4pm
Oceaneer's Lab 9am-1am 9am-4pm
Quarter Masters Arcade 9am-2am 9am-2am 9am-12mid
Quiet Cove Pool 6am-12mid 6am-12mid 6am-12mid
Radar Trap 7pm-12mid 6pm-12mid 12noon-12mid
Shore Excursions Desk 8am-11am
- -
Shutters Photo Gallery 5pm-11pm 4pm-11pm 10am-11pm
Treasure Ketch 6pm-12mid 5:30pm-12mid 9am-12mid
Vista Spa and Salon 8am-10pm 8am-10pm 8am-8pm
Vista Spa Fitness Center 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-8pm


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