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Stollen Bread Recipe

18 lbs Bread Flour
2 lbs Sugar
10 oz Instant dry yeast
6 oz. Salt
2lbs Butter
1 litre Eggs
4 litres Milk
500 ml Water

Almond Filling
2 oz Almond Flour
3 oz Milk
1 oz Soft butter
12 oz Almond Paste

Butter Struzzel
4oz Butter
4oz Sugar
8oz Flour
1/4tsp Baking powder
Zest of 1/4 lemon

Baking Temperature - 375°F


Prepare the almond paste
Make sure the milk is warm before starting the mix.
Banana bread mold is half moon shape molds. they are one feet in length.

Preparation - Dough

Mix all the dry ingredients together in the mixing bowl.
Add the milk and eggs and water in the mixture. Mix them for four minutes at the slow speed.
Mix the dough to the soft consistency. The butter to be added to the dough at the end of the mixing.
Rest the dough for 1hr, after dividing it in the two pound pieces.
Roll out the dough into a rectangle at 4mm thickness and apply the almond filling evenly all over.
Starting from one end roll the dough into a rope.
Divide in two by cutting length wise through the middle.
Cut into portions to fit the banana bread mold then taking the 2 divided pieces criss cross them into a rope try to keep the open face (filling side) facing the top while knoting it into a rope.
Place into banana bread mold and proof the dough until doubled in size.
Cover the top with butter struzzel.
BAke the bread. Cut the loaf once it has properly cooled.

Preparation - Almond Filling

Mix the almond paste and butter together until soft add milk little at a time until all of it is incorporated.
Finally add the almond flour into the mix.

Preparation - Butter Struzzel

Cream the butter and sugar until the mix is light in color but the sugar granules are still visible.
Sieve together the dry ingredients and fold into the butter mix.


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