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White Chocolate Dome Recipe from Lumiere's / Triton's

24 fluid oz. Whipped Cream
6 pieces Gelatin Leaves
8 oz. Egg Yolks Pasteurized
3 oz. icing sugar

Tempered Dark Chocolate:
5 oz. Dark Chocolate

White Ganache:

15 oz. White Chocolate
10 fluid oz. Heavy Cream

Dark Chocolate Ganache with Raspberry Parfait:
10 oz. Dark Chocolate
8 oz. Raspberry Puree


Whip heavy cream.

Soak gelatin in cold water.

Whisk pasteurized egg yolks and icing sugar and make a sabayon.

Melt the white chocolate. Heat the cream and melt gelatin in the hot cream. Mix the cream into the white chocolate, (White Ganache).

Add sabayon into whipped cream and fold into white chocolate ganache. (White chocolate mousse)

Use 5 oz. dark chocolate and melt to 84F this is known as tempering.

Pipe temered chocolate into flexi dome/mold.

Pipe white chocolate mousse into the dome/mold.

With left over mousse add raspberry dark chocolate parfait/ganache and fold into white chocolate mousse.

Pipe into white chocolate mousse.

Freeze up to 2 hours to harden but chill down in the fridge for 4 hours before serving.

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