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King Ludwig's Castle Menu


Royal Onion Soup    € 7,90
French onion soup au gratin with cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad    € 8,90
Chicken, romaine and iceberg lettuce, emmental cheese and croutons tossed in King Ludwig's Caesar sauce. Served with garlic bread

Foie Gras Messire    € 10,90
Duck foie gras, caramelized apples, marinated onions, rocket salad

Onion Rings    € 7,90
Onion rings served with BBQ sauce

Brother Vivien's Garlic Bread    € 4,90
Toasted garlic bread, with cheese topping add € 1,50

Large Salads

Castle Salad    € 16,90
Lettuces, hard boiled egg, tomato, mushrooms, emmental cheese, sausages, salami, croutons, vinaigrette

Chicken Caesar Salad    € 17,50
Chicken breast roasted with mild spices, romaine and iceberg lettuces, emmental and croutons tossed in King Ludwig's Caesar sauce. Served with garlic bread

To Share

€ 6,20

Flam Tradition
topped with onions, bacon, cheese, sour cream and cumin

Flam chevre
topped with munster, mozzarella, grated emmental, goat's cheese, onions

Mini Flam Four Cheese
Topped with muenster, mozzarella, grated emmental, goats cheese and onions

Flam au Metre    € 15,50
Three mini flams to share, with mixed salad

Main Courses

Stroganoff Godomar    € 21,75
Stroganoff of beef fillet and chicken, rice

Black Knight's "Schnitzel"    € 18,95
Turkey escalope, french fries, cranberry sauce

Tartiflette des Montagnes    € 17,95
Gratin of potatoes, cream, onion, bacon, Munster cheese, mixed salad

Ludwig's Burger    € 18,95
Bacon cheeseburger, onion ring, tomato, lettuce, Caesar dressing, fries

Brochette des Chevaliers   € 24,50
Skewer beef-peppers-mushrooms, potatoes "au gratin" salad, pepper sauce

Royal Indian Chicken    € 21,00
Tandoori spiced chicken curry, rice

Faux-Filet Aaron    € 25,75
Grilled sirloin steak, fries, pepper sauce

Edwin's Fish and Chips    € 18,95
Deep fried cod in breadcrumbs, fries, tartar sauce


Kingdom Carbonara    € 17,50
Tagliatelli, lardons and creamy carbonara sauce

Princess Pasta    € 17,95
Penne pasta, pesto, pan-fried babay vegetables and grated emmental cheese

Penne Poulet Champetre    € 18,95
Penne pasta with grilled chicken, vegetables, cepe mushrooms, mixed vegetables in a cream sauce topped with grated emmental cheese

King Ludwig's Choucroute (Sauerkraut)

We proudly prepare our sauerkraut to an authentic Alsatian brasserie recipe

Choucroute de Saucissed Frere Vivien    € 19,95
Montbeliard, chevillard, frankfurter sausages, and poultry sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut with gravy

Choucroute Jarret Nurnberger    € 21,50
Pan-fried Nuremburger sausages served on a bed of sauerkraut with veal gravy

Choucroute Royale    € 21,95
Smoked pork loin, Montbeliard, Frankfurter and Nuremberger sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut

Choucroute Oceane    € 22,95
Assorted fish, potatoes, sauerkraut, white wine sauce


Moelleux au Chocolat d'Edwin    € 7,50
Gooey chocolate cake and vanilla cream

Royale Waffle    € 6,90
Home baked waffle with chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Apple Strudel    € 6,90
Apple strudel in a light vanilla custard cream

Coupe Brownies    € 7,90
Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, chunks of brownie, whipped cream, light custard cream and chocolate sauce

La Coupe Degustation du Roi   € 7,80
Sample 4 ice cream flavours. Chocolate fudge brownie, Mango berry swirl sorbet, vanilla, chocolate and cream, and whipped cream. Great to share!

Cafe ou Chocolat Liegeois   € 6,20
Coffee ice cream, soaked in espresso coffee, with whipped cream or chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce

Mango Passion    € 7,40
Ben & Jerry's Mango berry swirl sorbet, exotic fruit sauce and whipped cream

Cafe Gourmand Glace    € 6,50
your choice of coffee, magnum, butter sponge flavoured ice cream, almond flavoured cake

Cafe et sa Cour de Gourmandises    € 6,50

Kids' Menu

For kids 12 and under

€ 10,90

1 main course + dessert of choice + 1 soft drink

Main courses

House Salad
A royal mixed salad with cold meats and cheese

Prince's Cheeseburger
with fries

Penne Pasta
cheese penne pasta with grated emmental in a cream sauce

Chicken Nuggets
with fries

Shepherd's Pie
beef shepherd's pie with a side salad

Steamed Salmon
with vegetables

Francfort Sausages
with fries

Substitute fries with green salad, rice, vegetables or penne pasta


Calippo Shot
Fruit Salad
Warm Waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Smarties Ice Cream Lolly
Chocolate Mousse
Yoghurt Drink

Soft Drinks

served in souvenir cup

Orange juice, apple juice, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Nestea, grenadine, raspberrt, strawberry, mint syrups, milk

12 o'clock Menu

Served until 3pm every day apart from Sundays and bank holidays

€ 10,90

Dish of the day and choice of drink

Chevalier Aaron Menu

€ 19,95
1 starter + 1 main course or 1 main course + 1 dessert

€ 24,90
1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert

Caesar salad with garlic bread
Tomato Mozzarella with pesto, mixed salad
Leek and potato soup

Castle steak with fries
Pork shank
Spit roasted 1/2 chicken with fries
Penne pasta with cheese and fried onions

Crepes with chocolate sauce
Vanilla creme brulee
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Cold Drinks

Sodas    € 3,90

Fruit juices    € 3,30

Mineral water    € 3,20

Hot Drinks

Espresso, long coffee, decaf coffee   € 1,90

Cappuccino    € 3,20



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