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      Prayers for a family in the neighborhood

      Tuesday morning about 6:30 am I opened the back door to let my dogs out. I heard a chorus of emergency vehichles headed towards our neighborhood and within minutes a firetruck (first responders), an ambulance and a police car raced past my house. my first thought was for a neighbor. Went to school with him, he works with my brother, he has cancer and he's been told he has less than one year. But I talked to my brother and the guy was at work.

      Wednesday morning I read the paper and was shocked to see the name of another neighbor. I worked with her as her educational aide. She was a member of our church. We know the family very well. Can't remember the last time I saw her in church. Found out she took her own life because of her life has been filled with pain. Physical pain...she was in a car accident when we worked together. Her injuries (all in her back) were thought to be minor at first, but turned into seeing many doctors, trying new pills, pain management and nothing ever relieved the pain. She lost her job because of the injury and was reduced to moving in with her parents so they could help take care of her.

      I am sad I didn't know how bad she was. I am sad for the family and what they are going through. There are days when I hurt so bad from my pain of arthritis in my knees and back. I wonder if I will ever wake up and feel no pain, but I have never thought to go where she must have found herself Tuesday. Keep her family in your thoughts. Thanks.
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      Oh that is very sad. what a terrible time for the family. Prayers sent out for them/

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      That's so sad. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers their way.

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