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      Surely not Jon, they wouldn't do that would they?
      I just walked round to tesco and there were massive queues at the petrol station.
      I wouldn't be surprised if there was no strike to be honest, if they wanted to cause a fuss, they've already succeeded

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      Senior Cast Member LorraineD's Avatar
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      Feb 2011
      Apparently our local Asda also ran out, and alot of garages have been limiting amounts and had people queueing. Before it all went mad, my hubby came home and said that he had heard something about it, generally I run my car down to fumes every week but we are going away and so he said that rather than the fuel strike happen and we need diesel that he was gonna make sure the car was full. He has just kept it topped up.

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      The thing that makes no sense to me about the Govt advice being a trick to raise extra funds is that although a lot of people have topped up, people are being more sensible with their fuel due to the queues and therefore using less fuel. So in the long run income from fuel will be down. It'll just mean that people won't need as much fuel in 1 or 2 weeks time and then the Govt will have been worse off?!?

      I honestly believe it was simply a ploy to put pressure on the unions by trying to turn public opinion against them - much like the pensions fiasco? Looks like this one back-fired badly as they have made themselves look stupid
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      I ended up filling up on Friday - only because I was running out I might add lol - and had to queue for 5 mins, and some of the pumps were empty

      Drove past yesterday and today and it seems to have completely died down!
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      And a great way to stop everyone talking about the budget!

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