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      This is lovely especially if it gives her the peace she needs after loosing your dad. I think there are many things out there that we can not understand or explain. My dd told me last night that my grandad came to sleep in her bed with her the other night because she wished on a star that she wanted him back because she missed him. This makes her happy that he is still with her which I am glad of because she was extremely close to him and as she was only 4 when he past she has had a hard time understanding. She told my nan and she has told her to give her a hug from her next time he comes to see her

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      Quote Originally Posted by Debi View Post
      Explain DM, please ?
      You know what a coincidence is. Something that you think just happened by fate. For me, a God-incidence is something that happened where I can see the power of God working for me or whoever is involved. It is not scriptual, you won't find it in the Bible. But if you look you can see God working everywhere. I just look at things a little differently. When I read the story about the cardinal my first thought was God in His mighty power sent the cardinal to your mom as a way of comforting her.

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      Yes she talks to the cardinal . She now sits outside on her deck with her morning coffee, when warm enough to do so and the cardinal sits on the table eating his special treats . She talks to him , she tells him his bashing into the window is driving her nuts . but he still does it . She said, yup it's him anything to get on her last nerve . I lost it .

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