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      Jan 2011

      World of color

      We're almost to the point of booking the world of color picnics to get the reserved viewing for the world of color show.

      Can you see the show from outside the viewing area?

      The picnics don't really appeal, so we're just paying for the reserved viewing area.

      If there's no way of seeing it we'll pay for the picnic.

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      Manchester ~ UK
      No idea sorry Bec, it was a huge building site when we were there. Hopefully someone can answer for you though, so bumping. :D

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      Jan 2011
      Orange County, CA
      Well I haven't seen it myself but from what i hear you can't see it very well from outside the viewing area. You can get fast passes in the morning right by GRR. Just go into Disneyland which opens earlier then DCA and you can send one person with all the tickets to get the fast passes while the rest of the group plays at Disneyland. From what I heard once you go into DL your tickets will work for fastpasses at DCA. Oh some people have said that they watch it from the back side, but again they have all said that it is better from the viewing area. I heard that you could all just get the kids PB&J picnic if nothing else sound good. What are your dates again? So Cal has spring break from April 18th until April 29th.

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