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      Cast Member akdisneygirl's Avatar
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      Apr 2011
      I have lots of pins. We started collecting on our first trip in 1999, and for a while there I was really hooked. Never really had one theme, although I love the pins with Walt on them. I used to buy pin sets, have a classic Christmas collection, and the Fairies of Disney, that I just love. One of my favorite sets is one of the conceptual art of Peter Pan, I adore Mary Blair and will buy practically anything that she did.

      My husband's nickname is Tigger, so he started collecting the Tigger pins during our trips. He has a nice collection, he will wear his lanyard at the parks, and little kids always want to trade with him. I feel bad for the kids when he says no, but of course those pins would be really hard to find now.

      Our Disney Store was closed years ago, which was so sad for us, but I did end up getting tons of pins for a very low price during their last days. Some were ones I wanted to keep, but I bought many knowing I could use them to trade at the parks.

      Oh, and on one trip I was really into the cutie pins-those are still some of my favorites. I told my daughter to make sure she holds on to some of these when she inherits them, and not just toss them. I don't think she will, she loves Disney as much as I do.

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      Junior Cast Member Pilotdog's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Orange County, CA
      Now William has been trading for every Pluto he can fine as he loves him. :) We also got his best friend into trading the last time we were at DLR.

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