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      Administrator MKJo's Avatar
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      Jan 2008

      Lightbulb Pin traders - tell us about your collection!

      Any Disney pin-traders here?

      Tell us all about your collection!

      How long have you been collecting?
      How many pins do you have?
      Do you trade at the parks or just collect for yourself?
      Do you collect any pins or just a certain theme?
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      Moderator Debi's Avatar
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      Oct 2009
      Phillipsburg, NJ
      I started pin trading & collecting in 1999 . At the time, I did not realize how addicting it would become .
      How It Started :
      I cut out a coupon on the back of a Kelloggs cereal box for a free : My First Disney Pin ... Mickey holding ballons .
      I didn't trade at first, just purchased the pins I liked .
      This was before digital cameras and I had run out of film .
      I went in to Main Street Expo, a CM told me if I bought the 3 roll pack, I got a free Disney pin from Kodak.
      That sold me
      My second pin was Huey, Dewey & Louie holding a book . On the cover is Tink with pixiedust .
      I now had a Kelloggs & Kodak sponsored Disney pin .
      I still have them .
      As years have gone by , I learned more and more about pin trading .
      I've been to the 3 day pin events at WDW the last 5 years .
      I have 6 huge books crammed full of pins .
      I collect mainly Tinkerbells, some with PeterPan ,but also the Cast Member Hidden Mickey pins .
      Also collect what I like from the events .
      I've also recently started to collect Figment pins .

      Jim recently spray painted a huge corkboard that is framed . I intend to put all my Tinkerbell pins on it to display .

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      Senior Cast Member DisneyHayley's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      North Wales
      Between DH and I, I think we have around 60-70 pins, and around 10 traders. It started before our first visit to WDW in 2007 when I read up on it and purchased a few on ebay before we left. DH wasn't interested at first but then he overtook me in pin numbers in Florida!

      If we trade, we usually just trade with CMs - but that isn't very often: only when I have a pin that's a duplicate, or one I don't particularly like (or if we spot a rare one). DH trades more than me. I just collect the pins I like: I buy a pin at every resort I've stayed at (inc DCL and DLRP) and I collect Jack Skellington ones. I also like the mystery pin boxes and collect the "Where dreams come true" collection pins.

      I think my favourite is of Roquefort, and it's an LE1000.

      DH goes for the rarer CM and LE pins, but also collects Donald Duck pins.

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      Supreme Cast Member Pinoke76's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Southampton, UK
      I believe I started on the 2006 trip, and gradually built up a collection of around 100.
      I then started trading them, offloading any non-Pinocchio ones for the ones I needed in my collection.
      When I filled my first book with Pinocchio ones I started a 1in/1out policy, it sort of works (but some of the smaller pins have to share a square in the book )

      I did once use one of the less rare pins to complete a framed art set. Frame one has a 14x11 picture with a matching pin in one frame, and 6 first day Stamp prints in another frame. The theme was based on "The Art of Friendship" from June 2004. It may not be the best, but I know it is unique to me

      I then got a Jiminy framed pin set on eBay and a B&tB framed pin set from WDW on my next trip.
      Attached Images Attached Images  
      1 - Howard Johnson Maingate East - Kissimmee - Oct 93
      2 & 3 - Econolodge Hawaiian - Kissimmee - July 97 & July 99!
      4 & 5 - All Star Sports - Sept 2003 & Sept/Oct 04
      6 - Coronado Springs - Sept 06
      7 & 10 - Old Key West - Dec 08 & May 11
      8 & 11 - Newport Bay Club Paris - Oct 09 & Jul 11
      9 - Disneyland Hotel California - June 10
      12 - Walt Disney Family Museum - Nov 12
      13 - Hotel New York - Oct 13
      14 - Grand Floridian - Sept 16

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      Junior Cast Member Debbie's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Liverpool, UK
      I have been collecting since 2000, our first trip. We were given some pins and lanyard when we checked in and it started from there. I have about 5 lanyards full, four of which are keepers as they represent years we went, resorts we stay in and WDW special events. The other one we trade and DS wears this one. He has a few special ones from our Debi on here when we met last year - especially his Peter Pan which is now a 'keeper' :)

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      Earning My Ears Mister E's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      South Florida
      I was introduced to pin trading by SportsMickey on our first trip. She already had a bulletin board full of pins. At first I thought it was silly. Then, after a while, I thought was interesting is that its like getting pins for free! I have a bunch of pins I don't like or don't want, and I can get ones I do want.

      I typically only trade at the parks and only with cast members. I don't like trading with random other guests because I fear they are looking to rip me off. Even though I don't collect for value, I don't like when others take advantage of less-knowledgeable people. I'm just there to collect what I like.

      I have been collecting a lot of Chip and Dale pins, and I don't typically trade away "collectors" unless I have doubles. I typically buy ones from special events like Food and Wine or Labor Day or MNSSHP, or whatever the event happens to be when I'm there. I also like to collect the cast lanyard sets - its like a big scavenger hunt. I usually pick a set before each trip and try to get them all before I leave. I managed to collect the three hitch-hiking ghosts from Haunted Mansion, the pirate ones from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I'm still looking for the Chip and Dale turkey leg and Mickey bar ones from their first "food" series.

      Anyway, all told, I probably have like 50-60 pins on my bulletin board of my own now, and I still trade at the parks. It adds a fun side-mission to occupy non-ride-waiting-in-line time.

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      Supreme Cast Member Steamboat Willie's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Bangor, NI
      I have a pin from each year I've been to WDW but never thought of collecting until I observed a few people doing it on my last visit and had a CM give me a good 15 minute talk about it while DGF was shopping. Never realised how diverse it was, and I've started collecting historical pins. I hope to do some trading next time I go back.

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      Junior Cast Member leslie1983's Avatar
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      Feb 2011
      Oklahoma City
      Debi got me started when we went in August/September of last year. My favorites to collect are the cat characters (Figaro, Cheshire, and especially the Siamese cats).

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      Junior Cast Member Pilotdog's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Orange County, CA
      We have a few DS loves them but he is to lazy to take his pins to DL so we don't trade much. DS likes to Star Wars pins but I love my US flag Mickey head pin.

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