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      Feb 2011
      Bradford England

      Where do I start with scrapbooking?

      I have been thinking of making a scrapbook for this coming Florida trip and the summer holidays.

      I have looked on line and there is an amazing array of scrapbooking thingswhich has me slightly flumoxed

      I have never done this before and wondered if someone could give me an idea of what supplies I need to make a simple one to start off.

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      A walking SportsCenter SportsMickey's Avatar
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      Oct 2007
      Card stock, good pair of scissors (these are my favorites); a good trimmer (I love this one) and a good pen.

      Anything above that is extra - patterned paper, stickers etc.
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      Jan 2011
      Southampton, UK
      Although frowned upon by many of the more experienced scappers, I still think you can't go wrong with a beginners kit to start with.
      They have examples, and sometimes pre-prepared pages that you can slot your photo's into.
      It'll given you an idea of what you like, and even if spending lots of money on this is for you.

      Scrapping looks cheap to start with, but it is an expensive hobby.
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      A good 12 x 12 expandable book is a good start, use plastic wallet/page protectors essential to protect your stuff, acid free glue or photo mounts, good scissors and a guillatine, look on ebay for bumper packs of 12x12 paper which is good for a starter or you will spend loads!!!! Imagination
      Nice pens/printer and practice using them.
      I like the scapbook kits at disney that give you the large plain sheets of paper and allow you to make your own layout. They also sell pads of themed paper kits too. I always find buying any stickers cheaper in the usa and the choice of scrapbook stuff too a lot better than in the uk.
      To keep thinks quite inexpensive collect the little things that you see like
      napkins, menus, stickers, park maps, park passes, car park passes, publicity basically anything that is a souvineer of the day and free can be used with some thought.
      Raid the discount stores for sparkles, stickers, glittery pens
      I would love to spend the $100's on all the fancy stuff but my family are usually happy with my basic approach.

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      Jan 2011
      Kits are a good way to get started. Everything you need paper-wise is right there. As SportsMickey said, scissors, paper trimmer, some sort of adhesive - those are the basic items you'll need regardless.

      Once you've completed your first scrapbook or two, you may find yourself restricted by the contents of a kit. You'll have ideas of your own and may not be able to find what you want in a kit.

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      I personally prefer digital scrapbooking. I use kodak gallery online but mist picture websites let you make picture books online and you can add text, frames and other embellishments. I love that I can work on my project from any computer, I can buy extra copies once I have created a book. Most importantly, once the book is created and sent to you, pictures cannot be removed since they are printed like a professional book. This way there is no danger in losing photos when I let the kids looks thru my books. I ordered a picture book from all the photos I took and the ones they took of us at Disney on photopass. I gave one to my mom too and she loved it!

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