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      Oct 2009
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      D23 Expo at Disneyland this weekend .

      These were the pins that were released Friday evening at the Expo and sold out within the first hour . Needless to say, pin collectors are on fire as they were suppose to be online this evening at the Disney Store .
      This 10 designer princess set is limited to 150 pins .

      This set was $199.99 and sellers are fetching double on ebay . Some have separated their set and Rapunzel is going for the bargain basement price of $100.00 .

      The next announcement at the expo is that starting tomorrow August 22nd , the designer collectible dolls that match these gorgeous pins , will be sold at the Disney Store . Cinderella will be the first release and then every two weeks another will come out .

      Also there will be cups and stationary to match .

      Did anyone go to the expo ? I wish I had known, but every pin collector feels the same way .

      Boy, did I ever send Guest Relations DS a letter especially after it was added to the Disney Blogs , that the pins would be sold online .
      I let them know that 2 per person . Give Me A Break ! People are bragging they bought 5 & 6 sets . They bought two, then their wife bought 2, and their kids bought 2 . All fueled by greed to sell on ebay . I just recently became a D23 member and I let them know that once my renewal is up . They can pound sand .
      I also offered a suggestion , 2 per family with ID . I know how crazy this sounds to perhaps SM , that are cast members . Like with an expo that huge , how would that be possible ? But give me a break, something needs to be done . Or limit it to one per person over the age of 18 . I was told by DPF members that kids the age of ten & younger were buying them . Now didn't Disney catch on that these kids could not possibly have a CC . It was one big scan !
      I'm so disgusted, I sold most of my pins tonight . I got $300.00 for 110 Tinks in pin bag . I kept my favorites and the ones my DF's get me in the UK .
      When it isn't fun anymore, its time to pack it in . I did Thank the CM that responded to my letter . I buy at least 10 pins a month, sometimes more . They just saved me a ton .
      OK, done venting ...

      On a good note : keep your crossed for me . A DF on my pin forum, may have got me Jasmine at cost ! She's not even my favorite princess , but she is just a gorgeous pin . Can't wait to see the dolls .

      formerly known as : *** Tinker ***

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      Jan 2008
      Wish I could've gone to the Expo, not for pins but for everything else there
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      The pins ARE gorgeous. I would have bough a set for DD in a heartbeat. And we aren't that big on pin collecting, but I would have made an exception.
      My first name is CHRIS. I live in NE Ohio.
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      Jan 2011
      When you hear stories like yours Deb you do begin to lose faith in the whole pin thing. What should be a fun and affordable past-time is now a huge money making industry for Disney, hence why you see more and more ‘limited’ editions that people fall over themselves to get regardless of price and which some buy purely for the profit they can make online. I guess it depends how serious you take it, but it’s getting more and more difficult for genuine collectors to get hold of the pins they really want (short of paying waaay over the odds).

      Me, ill just stick to my strategy of buying the odd one here and there that catches my eye or has some significance (like my Innaugural Dream cruises pin)

      As for D23, the whole event from what I’ve heard of it sounds fantastic and would have loved to have been there. Some day maybe…

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      Aug 2011
      Emmaus, PA
      I never understood the whole pin thing. I agree with you Jon. I think it is a marketing ploy for people to spend more $$$. Don't get me wrong, I like to look at the pins as much as the other person, but if I buy a pin it is for a reason, it represents something that is going on on my life, or a significant reason(bday, anniversary, ect). What I am curious about is the pressed coins. Saving quarters and pennies now for the next trip.(whenever that will be).
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