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  1. Alanandali

    Alanandali New Member

    Update is that we’ve now booked and paid for the wedding package and Reverend :bounce:. An Escape package at Sea Breeze point at the Boardwalk. The wedding co-ordinator will shortly be contacting us to discuss the finer details (like flowers, cake, music etc), but it’ll be a simple affair with just the two of us so should be straight forward. Exciting stuff!

    We’ve both got clothes now, just need shoes. Also need to decide what to do with my hair. I tried put it in a bun at the weekend and got the definite thumbs down from Alan :shrug:, so down it is! Is a bit scary that he’s not seen my dress (his choice) – so really hope he likes it! Am going to try to lose a couple of pounds between now and heading to Florida, to compensate for a week of WDW food before the day and ensure it still fits.

    We’re staying at the Boardwalk so will walk to the ceremony and afterwards we’ll continue on and walk into Epcot for lunch, so won’t need the limousine which is part of the package. I read somewhere that you can use it on another day, so maybe we'll consider that?
    Counting down... :marry:
  2. PaulaK

    PaulaK New Member

    Yay! We need lots of pics!! :D
  3. USCWest

    USCWest New Member

    Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
  4. Alanandali

    Alanandali New Member

    Don't normally post pics of us but think am going to have to this time!
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  5. Jade

    Jade New Member

    Wow how exciting congrats, we thought about doing this when we went in March but didn't think about it till a bit too late. Its gonna be fun hearing all about your plans.
  6. DisneyGemma

    DisneyGemma New Member

    Can't wait to see pictures!
  7. MKJo

    MKJo New Member

    Sounds wonderful! Sea Breeze Point is beautiful and such a nice location for a wedding. And yes, you really, really have to post pics! :excited:
  8. tweenie123

    tweenie123 New Member

    It sounds really exciting. I love the idea of just walking into Epcot after the ceremony.
  9. DisneyGemma

    DisneyGemma New Member

    Not sure if you know this, but you can't wear your wedding dress in the parks! Not unless it doesn't look like an obvious wedding dress anyway . . .
  10. TimonAndPumba

    TimonAndPumba Disney-holic Family

    Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see this pics and hear all about it!! :)
  11. Alanandali

    Alanandali New Member

    Yes I did know thanks. Is a bridal dress but short and should be ok I think. Am pretty sure no-one will mistake me for a Princess! And Al is only wearing a shirt and trousers so wont look traditionally 'groom like' either. We'll talk to wedding co-ordinator and if she thinks its a problem then will just change into my scruffy stuff instead!
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  12. DisneyGemma

    DisneyGemma New Member

    I just didnt want you to be disappoined thats all :)
  13. Alanandali

    Alanandali New Member

    And much appreciated thanks!!
  14. Day Dreamer

    Day Dreamer New Member

    Wow sounds like a great wedding you have planned!
  15. Alanandali

    Alanandali New Member

    Little update - showed my dress to Mum and Dad last night and it has received the "thumbs up". Both sets of parents were keen for us to get the ceremony videoed, so that'll be our only add on to the main package I think. Plus, we've a call with the wedding co-ordinator lady planned for tomorrow night to go through the details - looking forward to that!

    Every time I log into something or see a letter I realise how big a job the name changing is going to be!!!! There are at least a dozen userids for work alone that use my current surname. The men have it easy. Must start a list....
  16. SportsMickey

    SportsMickey A walking SportsCenter

    I know that all my user IDs stayed the same but I keep discovering little things that I have to change my name on, almost a year later
  17. ThinkTink

    ThinkTink New Member

    It room me being married for 14 years before I changed my social security # :lol:. I had to change it when I tried to re-get a Georgia license. Homeland Security locked down since last time.

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  18. lizzx10r

    lizzx10r New Member

    Sounds wonderful - need lots of photos
  19. Debi

    Debi New Member

    Ali, how did I miss this !!! Congratulations, How Exciting . We arrive 2 days later . How long are you at WDW ? We arrive May 6th, but won't be in the parks till the 7th through the 11th . We should try to meet for a celebratory drink in Epcot . PM me ...
    And yes if I have to post lots of pics, so do you ? :hug: Hey, if we could meet at DTD , I could give you a sneak peek of the gown as Old Key West Vacation Club Resort at WDW is very close to DTD . As I said , Pm me ... :excited:
  20. littlepickering

    littlepickering New Member

    Your plans sound great! I hope you post pics!!!!

    I too have been easing into the name change thing because it is a PITA!!!!! When I was about 5 months pregnant with our twins I decided to have my name legally changed so that we would all have the same name at the hospital! My husband never really minded me using my surname until he was referred to by the same name. I got a giggle out of it. I now use both last names professionally since I get business from people who may know my family and people who may know his and because all my diplomas and law license have only my surname on them! Socially I have been using just his name! It makes things easier at the kids school!

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?ftx5ui

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