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  1. Katie_Daisy

    Katie_Daisy New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are well.

    My name is Katie Daisy and I am 23 years old

    After working in Disney's head offices in London last year for my placement year, I decided to complete my final year dissertation on how Disney uses emotion within their advertising and how this can be used throughout their online advertising e.g. nostalgia, happiness, memories, excitement ect.

    There is currently very little research, especially in terms of Disney itself, online as a format and the general publics views. There is a distinctive gap in what those affected by the advertising feel i.e. YOU.

    This is where you can have your say, I am very interested in what your views are on the use of emotional advertising and how you feel about online advertising as a whole and would love to include your views in my dissertation to represent the opinions of the most important demographic of Disney Fans. For instance, what are your favourite memories and emotional connections with the Disney brand?
    Do you as consumers like when Disney uses emotions in their advertising such as nostalgia, happiness and excitement content? Or do you feel it makes no difference? If this was an online advert do you think this would make any difference in comparison to a TV or print ad?

    If you would like to have your opinions included in my study, simply post your thoughts below in as much or as little detail as you like by Friday 9th March and I will include your views as representation of the views of Disney’s fans :D

    Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing your opinions on how the marketing discipline could be improved in the future.

    Take Care,
    Katie Daisy
  2. USCWest

    USCWest New Member

    I'm sure that Disney's emotional advertising works or they wouldn't be doing it. I like their advertising but personally I feel it is a bit over the top in some aspects. They have a tendency to make one believe that you can get up close and personal with many of the characters while in reality, you can have your picture taken with them but they aren't, for the most part going to go walking through the park with you.
  3. Pinoke76

    Pinoke76 New Member

    I love how well Disney drops reminders into it's advertising to get you thinking of a great experience or moment in time that you would love to capture all over again.
    I think most adults would expect it to be Utopian rather than realistic, for example I wouldn't ever expect Disney to advertise the fact it rains a lot in Florida :wink:
    There is definitly a consistancy to the campaigns, and I think that again reinforces that reminder of special times in your life. However, they saturate the market so there is no need to take the time to read any adverts or stop to watch a tv one as you are likely to see it again sooner rather than later.
  4. wdwgrandma

    wdwgrandma New Member

    Disney's commercials make me smile. They bring back wonderful memories of visits we've made over the years and remind me of why we continue to back year after year.
  5. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    I agree with the 3 people posting before me.

    Firstly I have to admit I do get a bit sentimental when I see Disney advertising, so that tack must work, cos I'm not the most emotional person, but as Pinoke says it reminds me of memories and I get that gushy feeling, and always have this idealistic idea of "the place where Magic Lives".

    I've never really conciously thought about it, but yes like USCWEST says, the adverts/dvd's etc do show how easy it is to see characters, and strole around the park with them, when I've never seen that in the times I've visited (not being funny but when we went to DLP it was like a stampede and found the parents very rude barging children out of the way to get their children next to the characters).

    But like WDW grandma says (and all posters), I do smile and feel sentimental when I see the adverts.
  6. Disney Dad

    Disney Dad Disney Enthusiast

    I am curious on how the advertising for other Disney Parks is done. Do they run the same type of memory filled nostaglia in Tokyo Disneyland or Disneyland Hong Kong? The emotional connection works for WDW and Disneyland CA because at least one if not two generations of park guests have come and gone. In Asia, where the parks are new to the culture, is there the feeling of familiarness with Disney or do they market the "new" (kinda like the Harry Potter section of Universal)? I know I grew up with cousins that went to WDW and I didn't. All of the advertising made me sad as a child. When I was able to take my children to WDW for the first time it was a special trip for me, in part because I was taking my children to the place I always wanted to go myself, and in part because I was sharing the same first time wonder of WDW with them. To add to that feeling I brought my mother as well...it was her first time in WDW too. I am now heading back in April for trip #7. This trip is a different one then I have done before as I am bringing my DS only. This trip is for him and I have planned it with him in mind, from the room to the itenerary. Am I emotionally connected to WDW...yes I am, but I still relate more with the commercials that have the parents looking at themselves in a reflection and seeing a child. Connecting with the child within is more the feeling I have in WDW.
  7. Katie_Daisy

    Katie_Daisy New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for your really useful feed back! It's great to gain perspectives from everyone from all walks of life. It is a key theme the concept of how Disney is suitable and appeals to everyone and this is a key consideration when it comes to planning the creative and format in each advert.

    It's lovely to hear your experiences and opinions. I appreciate all of your comments and they really touched base on some of the key topics, the repetition of the experience both through memories, revisiting and sharing these with family.

    It's interesting how you all relate the adverts to personal experiences and connections, leading to sentimental memories which are triggered by the adverts. The adverts utilizing emotive appeal want you to feel like you are there to re-experience the emotions you felt which some of you stated you felt. A new point has been touched on which I'm yet to come across in my research that some of you felt mislead by the adverts, that they were creating an experience that was actually difficult to experience for yourself which is really fascinating. Do you feel the adverts are simply selling an experience or do you think they are trying to adjust your memories leading you to forget that this is an issue?

    Also do you feel the adverts for their products and films have the same effect? Even though they aren't an actual experience, does the way they portray a film for example important emotionally? Especially some of the old films which are re-released for the new generations.

    Many of you are visiting a park soon, do many of you book your trips online with Disney or do you go through separate travel agent? I'm asking as I'm investigating how individuals feel about online purchasing.

    Thank you so much for your responses and look forwards to including them in my research.

    Many Thanks,
    Katie Daisy
  8. Disney Dad

    Disney Dad Disney Enthusiast

    I book with WDW travel over the phone and do all of my ADR's for dining online. I could probably book online, but I like to hear a voice confirming that I have made the package.
  9. Pinoke76

    Pinoke76 New Member

    We book our accomodation and tickets through the Disney UK site, but our travel arrangements directly with the airline :)

    We hope that booking with Disney directly will help us avoid any mishaps, but I didn't feel that on my last trip where we didn't get great service upon arrival.
  10. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    Book online direct with travel company. I know we'd probably save a fortune going direct to hotel and arrange our flights (would we??) but as I've said before I hate flying and I like everything organised. I'd be so frightened that if it was like bits and pieces fitted together something wouldn't be right. I like the idea of having someone who.....well basically someone to hold responsible, rather than standing there saying to my hubby "I thought YOU sorted that out???????" (I still do that now haha). Park tickets are my department, and I work out what we want and work out the best ticket deals and book online through a ticket agency.

    As for the nostalgia thing, the comment you made disneydad re the new parks so therefore no nostalgia, I think my own emotions are a case of the emotion I feel when I think how my kids are gonna feel, the memories I am building for them. We visited DLP twice when they were little, and the sight of those mouse ears on the water tower are enough to make me fill up, cos I think of how amazing it must be through the eyes of a child, so for me the emotions aren't all about memories (although now on our 6th visit to WDW there is alot of nostalgia/memories involved), it's about that sense of love you feel at making your child happy and the wonderful experiences we are giving them.
  11. Pinoke76

    Pinoke76 New Member

    probably not a fortune, but you could save a little :thumbs:. Not worth doing it though if it would bring you stress :)
  12. ThinkTink

    ThinkTink New Member

    I always book directly, over the phone, because it feels more 'real' and I feel more assured that my questions are being instantly answered.

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  13. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    Thing is my hubby has been to US a few times to watch football games with my dad and they've always booked flight and hotel seperate and just generally shopped around for best deal. But I always think IF there was a problem then there is literally 2 grown men who can easily look after themselves. Whereas when you've got kids with you, it's a different matter. In all honesty we never go to the welcome party or even see the rep, but I like the idea there is someone there if there was the need for support/help etc. Like the other year when there was that ash cloud thing and it grounded alot of planes, my way of thinking was (and I may be totally off mark here), that if you'd got a package deal booked then the holiday company/reps would have had to organise accomodation etc until it was possible to fly home, but that if there had been flights and hotel booked seperate, basically it would have just been a case of the airline who you booked with would just have had to stand a flight for you when the ban was lifted and basically accomodation etc would have been your own responsibility. And I'd have already been in meltdown with the worry of would the flight home be safe that I'd have been all panicky at the thought of sorting stuff out that I'd have liked a point of contact, just someone to say "it's ok, this is whats going to happen"
  14. tweenie123

    tweenie123 New Member

    Sorry to derail the thread and throw a spanner in the works but after some of the encounters I've had with reps over the years, I wouldn't trust many of them to get me home from Gatwick never mind Orlando.
  15. DisneyGemma

    DisneyGemma New Member

    Whereas the one experience I've had with reps was when we were stuck in turkey with the ash cloud, and she was brilliant!
  16. Katie_Daisy

    Katie_Daisy New Member

    Thank you all for your fantastic responses!

    You will all be featured in my dissertation research which will be passed on to those at Disney London HQ!

    Many Thanks and Take Care,

    Katie Daisy

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