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  1. Disney Dad

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    Hi all...
    I have been busy making the plans for my April trip with DS. I upgraded my DDP from QS to the standard DDP ( Ihad two table service meals already booked that would have been OOP, now they are covered :D ) The thing is now that it is 41 days and counting the dates are all booked up. I managed to get a Chef Mickey dinner at 8:55 PM on our last day (I'll probabbly arrive a little early and hope they can fit us in), and I have been thinking about taking Stephen to Beaches and Cream for a dinner between leaving Disney Hollywood Studios theme park at WDW and hopping back to MK for late night on the 15th. They don't accept ADRS at Beaches and Cream :eek: They accept the DDP but not ADRS. So here's the help I need....has anyone been to Beaches and cream? do they turn tables pretty quickly or will I be standing there waiting with a hungry child until I can see the fireworks from Epcot? I could make an ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) someplace else, but the menu at Beaches and Cream is just about perfect for what Stephen likes to eat, and we didn't get to go there last trip just because we couldn't find it. Any suggestions will be appreciated...trying to make this as hassle free a trip as I can.
  2. Jon

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    Yeah, we’ve been to Beaches & Cream a good few times. It’s quite a small venue but they seem to turnaround tables pretty quickly. It shouldn’t be too busy at the time you’re planning. We’ve always been seated earlier than expected in the past, even when it’s appeared to be rammed.
  3. USCWest

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    We've been several times and never had an overly long wait for our table.
  4. Disney Dad

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    Thnak you for the replies. I was hoping that they were able to handle the flow of people since they don't do ADR's. I really didn't want to be watching the Epcot fireworks and still be waiting for a table.

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