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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World Parks & Attractions' started by LorraineD, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    Just remembered, and wonder if anyone can help. On the Aerosmith ride, when you go through to the first bit and see the band and they are whisked away, you know when the band member asks, I think "Chris" to get him is LesPaul guitar, didn't some cast member used to come through that door and get the guitar, kind of to make it look more real? This time he just asked for the guitar and the guy just says yeah, but I am sure once when I went on it someone comes through the door and grabs the guitar (otherwise whats the real point of that bit?)
    Or did I dream it?:lol:
  2. Pinoke76

    Pinoke76 New Member

    I'm not saying you are wrong, but I can't remember a person with a guitar and I've been loving that ride since it's soft openings in July 1999 :unsure:
  3. greatdanedaddy

    greatdanedaddy New Member

    You didn't dream it. I remember seeing it several times. I also remember once where there wasn't a castmember there. I don't remember when they changed it, I think it may have been in the last 90's early 2000's.

  4. Indydisneyfan

    Indydisneyfan New Member

    I have never seen a person in there. It must have stopped before 2003 if they did that.
  5. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    Wonder if maybe sometimes they do it sometimes they dont? We didn't start going there until maybe 2005/2006 I think. And I think it was only last time we went that I actually braved Aerosmith for the first time:lol:, but when I rode it this time I just remember thinking "I am sure when the band member asks for his guitar someone comes in dressed like the guy and takes the guitar".......

    The only other explanation is that years before we went to Disneyland Paris and for some reason my son decided he wanted to go on Aerosmith, I had no idea what it was just that it was a rollercoaster of some description and so for some reason I agreed to take him on it, and we got right to the last bit where you see people in the cars and it counts down and whooooooooosh, my son turned to me and said "I dont want to":lol:, so MAYBE it was in Paris
  6. Slipstream

    Slipstream New Member

    I saw it as late as last year - the Chris was a girl - but the name apparently was chosen to be unisex, she was coiling cable till her cue - so I guess it still does happen - only the once in the 3 rides we did that day
  7. LorraineD

    LorraineD New Member

    Yeah I knew I hadnt dreamt it, we rode a couple of times this year and it never happened. But I just remember at the point where he says "chris can you get me LesPaul" that the door opened and in walked "chris" to reach a guitar and I thought it was a real clever little detail.
  8. carlene

    carlene New Member

    hi, never seen the guitar bit, but we were there in May and the CM is in the room and on que shouts out 'hay how about some VIP passes',and then the band member replies saying thats a good idea and askes the woman to arrange it, never see this happen before,


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