The 'Dreams come true' trip March/April 2011

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    Yippee - finally found the ooomf to start this.
    Been back over a week now and still suffering from the blues :(
    to make us all happy every member of my family (being myself, Gary and the 4 kiddies) have decided we want to go back loads of times lol so lots of planning to do

    I hope I can keep things easy on this report so I will do it by day and link it to this first post

    Hope you enjoy it :D

    the food trippie is here - will try and incorporate each days food reports into this trippie

    Pre-Trip report

    Live update from WDW

    day 1 - 28th March - The day we go! Edinburgh to London
    Day 2 - 29th March 2011 - THE flight to orlando and arriving in paradise
    Day 3 - 30th March 2011 - First day at the poly
    Day 4 – 31st March 2011 – Checking out of poly
    Day 5 – 1st April 2011 – First Day at a park - MK
    Day 6 – 2nd April 2011 – Epcot
    Day 7 – Sunday 3rd April 2011 – Animal Kingdom
    Day 8 - Monday 4th April 2011 - Hollywood Studios

    Day 9 - Tuesday 5th April 2011 - DTD and Epcot

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    day 1 - 28th March - The day we go!

    View attachment 1797

    Our flight from edinburgh was not until 2pm, but we still had to get up early.
    It was a mad rush to get things ready cause my mum was coming over to collect our cases and 1 person (we only have a ford mondeo which seats 5 lol)
    Ran round like headless chickens trying to get the house organised. We have had a leaking overflow pipe for years and the water pours out. It stops if you flush the toilet so we have my mother in law coming to do that whilst we are away:D
    BUT we had the plumber in so fix something so we could try and turn off the water. The plan was it would stop the leaking from the overflow thingy magigy lol
    Anyhoo - about 10am Garym myself and Rebecca, Charlotte and Louie left our home in Kirkcaldy and drove 30 minutes to my mum and dad's house in Edinburgh. We were leaving our car there and getting 2 big taxis from mum and dad's

    I took my travel sickness pills and gave one to Rachel - all go now

    When we arrived at Edinburgh airport to check in there was immediately a problem. On the Virgin flight we had paid extra for Louie tohave a seat. He is only 15 months, but Virgin had to change his date ofbirth so he appeared over 2 to allocate a seat to him.

    At edinburgh they were all confused as his date of birth did not match up despite Virgin reassuring it would be ok.

    Now we hadn't paid for a seat for Louie on the way to Gatwick, London, as it's only just over an hour flight, but it appeared that BA had him down as having a seat. I have never seen so many confused people in all my life. None of them knew what to do.
    We also found out we weren't getting on a British Airways plane as we had booked. We were transferred to an unmarked one - Aestreas??

    I wasn't happy - I don't fly well so this just made me even more nervous lol

    Lastly - we tried to make sure the buggies (double and a special needs one) were to be with us to the plane and as soon as we got off. Usual thing - they tell you to ask again at the gate

    This is a picture of the planes, but it aint our one lol
    View attachment 1791

    Typical thing - we were refused both buggies down to the plane despite pleading with them and trying to go over the fact it was all on our booking etc - no luck so we had to carry the kids and all our bags. We were told we might not get the buggies at gatwick either despite them being labelled as disabled

    OMG the flight was horrendous. Very very bumpy so I couldn't chill out. It made it worse that Louie started to totally freak out when we walked onto the plane (not sure if he suddenly felt claustrophobic), but he screamed constanly for 30 minutes before he gave in and fell asleep. This was so hard - he wanted cuddled, but he couldn't move as hewas strapped to me. I was so glad when he fell asleep and I had many comments from fellow passengers about how tired I must be now

    Gary wasted the entire camera battery life by taking 100's of pictures of clouds lol - you would think he never gets out eh?

    I love this one though - kinda looks like a space shuttle lol
    View attachment 1794

    Here is a report of our snack

    Arrived at Gatwick and as they said neither buggy was there when we stepped off the plane. I was started to get annoyed as a lot of planning had gone into this. WE dont go out much at home as it's difficult with all the kids and their pains they get when walking. To go on holiday was a massive thing for us. The fact we weren't getting any help at the airports was extremely disheartening.

    Anyway - we somehow managed to carry kids/bags then the girls had fun on the funny monorail thingy that takes you from one terminal to the other. This thing isn't as smooth as american ones and our trolleys with 8 cases were going all over the place lol

    Made our way to Virgin twilight check in. I opened one case to pull out our night time stuff, then we gave all our cases away to the lovely check in staff.

    They filled out the special assistance forms to make sure the buggies could stay with us. I started to feel like someone was helping.
    After this we took the nice stroll to the Gatwick Hilton where we had 3 rooms waiting for us for the night. Flight to orlando was the next day at 11.15am

    Very nice hotel - good that we had interconnecting rooms for us 6. One room had 3 single beds, the other had a double and the cot/crib.
    After a brief freshen up we headed to their restaurant. The staff here were FANTASTIC as was the food

    The kids meals were huge and we were all so stuffed after lol
    Got back upstairs and everyone got ready for bed. Charlotte is always the first one in lol

    Gary was just so happy that Friends was on - he watches this religiously very night lol
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    Yey! A new trippie! I can't believe how unhelpful they were to you with the buggies. By the way, no, you don't look flustered :lol:
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    Yay! :more:

    Sounds like a nightmare on your flight down & over the pond. I know how hard it was just with 2 kids. I think you're absolutely wonderful for doing the trip and coping so well! :clap:

    Your kids are just beautiful! :)
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    I love trip reports. You dont look stressed at all. I get stress and my kids are 18 and 16
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    Great start, I love how organised it is :)
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    sorry to read about the very unhelpful people at the airport, bet the U.S side were more helpful.
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    You actually look very calm!!! Can't wait to read about the rest of your holiday........your kids are lovely!
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    What lovely children :yes: Sorry you had a hard time with the buggies :( I can't wait to hear more about the trip :D
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    Thanks everyone!

    Day 2 - 29th March 2011 - THE flight to orlando and arriving in paradise

    I could not sleep at all at the Gatwick hotel as I had both Charlotte & Louie in my bed - not much room left with those 2 next to me lol
    I got up at 5.30am as I was sooo worried I would sleep in.

    We went downstairs for Breakfast at the hotel restaurant at 7am, but none of us ate much.
    We weren't too impressed with the food this time and I have had better breakfast buffets at other hotels in London. Shame really as we were kinda looking forward to it.
    The service was, again, very very good so we cannot fault them on that one

    Once breakfast was over we headed back up the room to pack up.
    Kids as usual were getting bored, but they knew it wouldn't be long til Mickey Mouse land

    View attachment 1817

    We all went through security at 9am which went very smoothly. Due to the buggies we got to skip the queues and go through the disabled line

    Quite shocked that every one of the kids has now been searched (Rachel was at Edinburgh) as I didn't think they did that for under 18's

    Anyway - we got through the duty free bit and went to boots for some water etc then headed to the gate when it was announced at 10a,

    It's a loooong walk to the gate, but thankfully we all made it ok. Rachel said she was fine walking as she was so excited she couldn’t feel her leg pains lol

    Weren't too impressed with the virgin staff at the gate - they didn't seem to know what they were doing.

    Grabbed a quick picture of the plane before being told to stopped filming/taking pictures - think they have all gone OTT with this now

    The plane was HUGE so I started feeling nervous (did I tell you I hate flying lol)

    View attachment 1818

    Major confusion as they called disabled passengers to board first - they told us to wait then didn't bother to tell us to continue so everyone waited at the seated area. Then all of a sudden there was a mad rush as they started calling everyone.

    Now this really irritates me. There were wheelchairs and special needs buggies waiting to get on first, then we have all these rude people barging past us. Very, very, unorganised.

    Again spoke to the crew to say the buggies had to be there when we got off and we handed in the special assistance form - do you think it worked?

    Our seats were right at the back of the plane - phew what a walk!

    The flight itself was extremely long and very boring.
    I haven't been on virgin planes since they changed the entertainment system - not liking this 3 hour loop thing, where you have to wait for the longest film to end before every channel starts again
    It also wasn't very good that they only had 1 single episode of mickey mouse clubhouse for little ones before it went on to the likes of wizards of waverly place - meant there really wasn't much entertainment for Louie.

    The food was also pants - but you can read about that HERE

    We had a choc ice later on in the flight which was ok, but kids never ate it so I was left with 3 lol

    TOILETS - awful. I purposely had not given the kids their laxatives for 2 days in hope they wouldn't 'go' when flying. I am so glad none of them did lol. It was hard enough trying to change Rebecca's nappy when it was just a wet one - which we just managed to do by standing her on the toilet as she was freaking out trying to lie on the baby changing bit.

    I really wish they would make toilets bigger - so hard especially when you have to take wee ones in with you.

    Here are some pictures of the plane journey - at one point it got very warm so Rachel and Rebecca sat in their vests lol

    You will possibly notice I have a corker of a spot on my face - some how always get HUGE ones on important days. Had one on my wedding day too! Hate it!

    Landed fine after what seemed like an eternity - it was now hitting us where we were, but i wasn't going to chill out til we got onto the Magical express.

    Were the buggies there when we stepped off the plane?
    That would be a big FAT NO!

    not surprised now as it's never worked on any flight for us so far.

    The BIG difference is - the staff at MCO were more than happy to help out and they politely went and collected Rebecca's special needs buggy for us. Now - you definitely don’t get that service at home! Makes me so ashamed to be British

    Customs went well - decided to tell everyone that we had cereal and tea bags as I didn't want to get into trouble. Of course they all said it was absolutely fine!

    When we were collecting our cases we spotted a sniffer dog who came round and sniffed our cases – I then took the opportunity to tell him about Gary’s medication (class A drugs to control his narcolepsy and cataplexy – we were worried prior to the holiday as people – being special assistance and the US embassy – said we would need a long letter detailing everything and Gary had to carry every single one of his meds in his hand luggage so they could check it)

    You wanna know what the guy said? ‘Are the tablets just for you?’, Gary said ‘yes’, ‘then there ain’t a problem’ replied the very laid back security guy.

    £20 and a lot of chasing up doctors wasted prior to the trip for nothing. Still rather be over prepared than under.

    Collected all our bags then rode the monorail to the other part of the airport. I love this bit as this is when the heat hits you – aaaah! So nice!


    View attachment 1807

    We have never done this before. Mum helped us take our cases to the DME check in desk. No queues and every one was lovely. We were then led on to the DME going to the Polynesian. We were giddy with excitement.

    We were first on the bus and it was just beautiful! The driver was very cheery and helpful and he drove very safely, which I love!

    First stopped at the Wilderness Lodge, then the contemp. This is when I started to get butterflies cause I could see MK and the castle and space mountain. We were then the only people to get off at the Polynesian. We finally arrived in paradise. This truly was a wonderful start and amazing experience of our first onsite stay.

    Check in was very quiet and extremely easy. We all had huge smiles on our faces and the kids (and I) were jumping about lol. I just about died when they said ‘Aloha’ and gave us each our flower leies. They also gave us lots of first visit badges, anniversary badges, and colouring books and crayons for the kids.

    Bell service took our bags whilst we took the magical, scenic, route to our room – Tahiti building room 1027 – ground floor. The walk felt like a dream – I am not joking – we all didn’t really believe we were finally here. It was so AMAZING!

    View attachment 1814

    View attachment 1813

    View attachment 1812
    View attachment 1809

    We arrived at our room and opened the door with major anticipation. The room was MASSIVE and would easily fit the 6 of us. The crib was already up and everything was perfect. We all spent 5 minutes jumping around.

    I am sure they had placed more leie’s on the bed in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears, but the kids got there first and moved it before I could get a pic.
    View attachment 1815

    There was then a knock at the door, and bell service delivered our bags. He was soooo helpful and he very kindly went and got us 4 buckets and spades after we said we were wanting to build sandcastle’s lol – he more than deserved the $20 tip

    We were all very tired, but we all started jumping and screaming when we saw our view – it was FAN-BLOOMING-TASTIC! Direct view of MK and the castle – just so wonderful.
    Our dreams had come true. Truly, truly amazing and worth every penny. It just made it all so perfect. The castle was beautiful and there were lovely views of the contemp, Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World and the beaches.

    View attachment 1816

    The kids then had small amounts of cereals, which I took with us, before getting dressed then watching the beginning of the water pageant. They then went to bed and all fell asleep so within minutes. I tried to stay up, but the sleep took over. I did however hear the wishes fireworks, but I was toooo tired to get up and watch

    Up next – no parks as we are here for 16 days and only have a 14 day ticket – so it’s a day exploring the poly and going swimming!!
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    Really enjoyed reading that :yes: I know what you mean about people pushing past to get on the plane, it's hardly like it's going to leave without them.
    Pleased you liked the resort, it looks really beautiful!
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    :iagree: It drives me up the wall and then you have to wait for very late party, who wonders in:rolleyes:
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    Great report enjoying the pictures too, your children are gorgeous. The poly looks great we have never been there and the room does seem quite spacious, sounds like a good start.
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    :excited: YAY!!! Finally after all this time I get to read your trip report :lol:!

    It looks like so far (at least once you got the planes sorted out) that you're off to a great start!

    That feeling of walking on air that you got when you were walking to your room......I get that feeling every single time we go :blush:. I know exactly what you're talking about!
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    Just wanted to say I am still here

    been caught up in loads of things this week and I promise I am working on the next installments lol (after being pestered by ThinkTink on facebook tut tut)
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    I'll be at you as well soon :wink:
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    :lmao: Just trying to keep things moving :wink:.......whatever it takes!
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    well I have edited some pics for the next day - just have to type it all up and I will get it on tomorrow at some point.

    trying to plan our next trip too :clap::wink: - so much disney in my head just now lol

    anyone know if it is easy to burn film from sd cards onto DVD? I bought a new camcorder before we went to wdw, but it takes SD cards and I have never done film on that before - not sure how to transfer it to dvd so we can watch it on the tele (in particular watch naveen hitting on me :D - according to my mum and Gary he was....big time! I am ashamed to say I think he might be a lot younger than me - hate it when that happens and I realise I am getting older)
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    Sorry for the delay – things get in the way and I never get 5 minutes to sit quietly and do what I want with 4 kids running around and trying to home school them too lol

    Day 3 - 30th March 2011 – First day at the Polynesian

    I woke up at 7am and all the kids quickly followed. We were all still so excited to be here and it was like waking up in a dream.

    Ferry started early and as we were close to the TTC we had the pleasure of hearing it’s horn go lol – this did not bother us at all cause it was just so great to see.

    The view was simply breathtaking and I am so glad we decided to upgrade and pay extra for a MK view.

    After staring out of the window for ages we decided to have our showers and get fed. Again we all had cereal which I was so lad we had brought with us.

    After a quick tidy up (cause 4 kids and 6 suitcases tends to create an untidy view) we headed to the volcano pool. It was WONDERFUL. Gary sat out and watched as he did not want to pass out in the water. I was slightly apprehensive about how I would cope with 4 little ones in the pool, but I managed great (as usual lol). The girls just LOVED the splash area (not sure what it’s called) where all the water is shooting out of the ground. Charlotte would happily of stayed here.

    This was Louie’s first time in a pool and he loved it! It was just so relaxing and I love the zero entry. Meant I could sit in the shallow water and not worry too much about the kids getting out of their depths. They all had a ball! Even Charlotte, who we will find out later has a great fear of water lol.

    View attachment 1967

    After an hour we headed to the beach and built our first sandcastles. The kids just loved it and it was soo incredibly relaxing. I could have stood there and stared at the castle all day hee hee.

    Gary tried to write 'The Graham's Disney 2011' in the sand - didn't quite work lol

    View attachment 1969

    We had a great 20 minutes here until Charlotte starting freaking out because she thought she saw a bee. Now before I go on, I must inform you all that Charlotte, age 3, is scared of everything. No idea where she gets it from – dark, heights, flying insects, everything. I must also tell you that there was no bee, but would she listen? NO! After screaming for 5 minutes we decided enough was enough and headed back for showers.

    View attachment 1972

    Duffy was enjoying himself too!

    Showwers out of the way and tummies rumbling we headed to Captain Cooks. We were starving as we hadn’t had a proper meal for AGGGEEEESSSS. We have never been to captain cooks before, but it is very deceiving. When youpass it from the outside it looks like a tiny wee place. We never realised you could get to it from inside the GCH as well lol.

    I must say, they have a very fancy high tech ordering system, which is rather good. Shame I cant say the same for the food. Dont get me wrong, it was good, but a tad on the cold side. WE didn’t mind though as we all ate it quickly, but you can read more about that in my food trippee HERE

    During lunch my mum and dad turned up. They were not in good moods – they had spent 3 hours trying to find the tax office and trying to collect Rebecca’s temporary disabled parking pass. I had already cleared this with Samantha via email at the tax office. She had received all the documents she needed to process this – they just needed the $15 payment (I had posted $15 cash which went missing and I am now unable to claim it back despite sending it signed for and after being told no where sells US postal orders) and I was told it was OK for my parents to pay collect it. Well would you believe it, the office would not release the pass and were moaning about the girl I had had communication with saying she had misinformed me etc etc etc.

    So mum and dad had to leave empty handed. I was very annoyed at this as I had spent weeks prior to the trip sorting things out with Samantha (I did email her to let her know when we got home and she was extremely apologetic. Apparently there was a misunderstanding within their offices as Rebecca’s permit was ready to go).

    Anyhoo – mum and dad ate whilst we took the girls to the bou tiki tiki shop. I love this shop – they always have so much cool stuff. I even found a lovely bag, but couldn’t justify $150! (even though my lovely husband said it would be ok). We decided not to buy anything because mum was getting an annual pass so we could get a discount at DTD.

    Mum and dad went to their car to bring us in some supplies – coke/sprite/water/snacks and a potty lol(only cause Charlotte struggles on the toilet cause she is so ickle) whilst we went round the shop again. Rachel then spotted the play area near the main entrance, so the girls sat there for ages drawing and making the leie bracelets. Muggins here ended up making them all in the end and I think we got about 9/10 in the end lol. It was so relaxing and a lot of fun.

    We then walked back to the room and I was started to become very exhausted. Mum and dad met us there with our goodies. Then all of a sudden the weather took a turn for the worse – tornado warnings and everything. This was Mum and dad’s queue to quickly head back to their timeshare lol. I was really worried for them casue it got bad so quickly – we couldn’t see the castle anymore – pretty scary stuff. The police boats were all over the lake getting all the boats off.

    The kids then got very scared at the thunder & lightening. Had to keep telling them that it would be over soon. Mummy is always right!

    We decided to just chill out in the room and watch tele and pig out on snacks as we were all sooooo tired.

    Then 6pm came and we decided it was too late and we were too tired to go out and get food (Tahiti is a very loooong walk from the GCH). Our plan was to just snack and catch wishes from our room, then get up early and go for a swim before checking out –w ill it happen like this?

    Nope lol

    We decided to go out as kids were itching to see some sign of DISNEY (not sure they realised we were actually at WDW ) so we went on the monorail. Rather wet walk to the TTC as this was closer than the GCH. It was o much fun – who needs park tickets to have fun. Louie was sleeping when we stepped on board the resort monorail, but he quickly woke up when he heard the voice saying ‘Please stand clear of the doors’ lol (Have I brainwashed my children? Never :))

    View attachment 1975

    We stayed on for a whole circuit (catching a brief glimpse of MK through the water splashed windows) and we decided to stay on and get off at the GF. It was mobbed in here and we instantly felt like it didn’t have the same feel that the poly had. The shop at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World was also lacking in variety that the poly shop had so we quickly left.

    Gary and I were inwardly starting to worry that we had made the wrong decision by booking our last 2 nights at the GF. Will it be a happy ending at the GF? Find out later.

    The rain was starting to come down real heavy now, and the queue for the monorail was massive. Do we dare brave the rain and walk back to the poly? Of course – it’s only water. We didn’t care cause we were way too tired to stand and wait on a monorail.

    The walk was ok – we did kind of speed walk it to make it go quicker and we were soaking by the time we got to the poly, but who cares eh? The only bad bit was Rachel was starting to get a sore foot – start of a blister due to the trainer socks.

    We headed straight to the bou tiki shop and bit the bullet and spent some money lol (I hate spending money – I keep a very tight budget at home so when it comes to treating ourselves I struggle). Gary and I were happy because we got some poly items – towel, key ring and a picture. We then headed to the shops upstairs and made the kids happy by buying them each a cuddly toy.

    The girls were all so tired now so we braved the looong walk back to our room. It was lovely though and still so glad we stayed here. The kids had some cereal and watched the water pageant then went straight to sleep. I was desperate to catch wishes as this was our last night here so I stayed up and quietly filmed it. It was so great. The fireworks looked bigger from here than they do when you are in the MK lol. The video turned out great except for Louie who decided to scream through the entire thing lol.

    We also decided we were going to have room service for breakfast as a treat.

    It was sweet dreams all round and everyone was looking forward to swimming first thing! Not looking forward to checking out though!
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    There you go Bridgitte - hope you like it lol

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