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    Monday 15th August
    Tuesday 16th August (part one)
    Tuesday 16th August (continued)
    Wednesday 17th August
    Wednesday 17th August (continued)
    Thursday 18th August
    Thursday 18th August part 2
    Friday 19th August
    Saturday August 20th part 1 and 2
    Sunday 21st August
    Monday 22nd August
    Wednesday 24th August continued
    Thursday 25th August
    Friday 26th August
    Saturday 27th August
    Saturday 27th August continued
    Sunday 28th August

    Trip report 2011

    Ok, well, here it is, the Wells family 2011 trip report! Since the last one I did was award winning :wink: I hope this one can live up to it!

    This trippie could have many titles, such as
    ‘The one where I forget to take food photos’, ‘The one with the Chevvy game’ (I’ll explain later), or ‘The one with the flappy baby’. Think I’ll just stick to something simple as I can’t decide :lol:

    The cast:
    Ava: the newest addition to our family, six months old, never been to WDW.
    Ben: the big brother, now four years old, one previous visit to WDW in 2009.
    Anthony: we’ll stop mentioning ages now perhaps! Compulsive planner, menu searcher and spreadsheet maker. Four previous visits to WDW, which is the same as,
    Me: Vikki. Person who stresses out over every little detail, even though I know it’ll all be fine.

    It was a rather long pre-trippie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the main thing is just as rambling, so good luck to you, and congratulations to those of you who make it all the way to the end :wink:

    So, we begin with travelling down. I won’t bore you with everything we did. We spent a couple of days travelling down, as we have a National Trust pass. Fortunately the weather the few days before we went was beautiful so we spent a good few days exploring some lovely parks and gardens, getting a little bit of calm and greenery before we headed for WDW :lol:

    We stayed at the Travelodge at Gatwick the night before we wanted to do twilight check in, the main reason being we wanted to check in as soon as possible, in the hope we would get a skycot. We didn’t realise quite how close the Travelodge was to the airport, it was literally at the end of the runway, so in the morning we walked along to where the security gate was and spent a while watching the planes…..along with a few plane watchers who were avidly taking numbers down in their little books :lol:

    We got to Gatwick at about 11.30am and there was a small queue. As soon as the queue opened it only took a few minutes to get to a desk. When we got there I immediately told the girl that Ben didn’t know we were going away and would she please play along that we were coming to ask her if we were allowed to come to the airport the next day and watch some planes. She was great and spent the whole time whispering things to me so Ben couldn’t hear. I mentioned about the sky cot and she said that wasn’t a problem and one was booked for us, phew! I also asked if we were all together, and her face looked at me as though that was a silly question, “of course” she said. I was so pleased! Meant I wouldn’t be with Ben and Ava on my own on the big tin can with wings for nine hours :lol: We were never asked about Ava’s weight which I was pleased about… need to act like Pinnochio today :wink: I got two buggy bags and was told to check the car seat in in the morning. The whole process took all of about 15 minutes which was brilliant. I’d definitely recommend twilight check in, shame there isn’t one at Manchester really.

    We were staying at the Copthorpe Effingham hotel that night, so after going out for lunch we made our way there. Was quite a nice hotel, and for the price we paid, with the parking included, was an absolute bargain. We went for a swim in the hotel pool, which I don’t think I’d do again if I was staying there to be honest, a bit grubby.

    We decided we would tell Ben first thing in the morning where we were going. Partly because I don’t think Anthony could contain himself any longer than that :wink: and partly because we didn’t really know what his reaction would be.

    Amazingly we were all asleep by 10pm. Anthony is normally awake and buzzing the night before we go, but he wasn’t this time, so at least managed to get some rest :lol: The Ava alarm woke us up at 6.30am and Ben found a letter on his bed from Mickey. Inside it was telling him that since he’s been such a good big brother this year, would he like to come and bring Ava to visit him? We also put some maps in there. He was beyond excited and started bouncing round the room, just like in the adverts!


    After phoning his nana to tell her the news we were packed and off to the airport on the hotel bus. We checked in the car seat (which fit perfectly into the buggy bag) and made our way to the V-Room. We were also told we were the only flight that day that was on time.

    The V-Room was very easy to find and we were incredibly impressed. Very sorry I forgot to take proper photos of it for you……there you go, my first apology for forgetting photos :wink: We got a great table right by the window. Bec and family arrived a few minutes after us, so we pulled our tables together and had a good natter. The boys went off and started playing fussball……and by the boys I mean Logan, Ben…..and the dads :wink: Logan and Ben were a bit shy of each other to start with, but ended up becoming great pals!


    If any of you ever do go to the V-Room, do try the millionaires shortbread, it was sooooo yummy!

    Ben and Ava did spend quite a bit of time watching the planes as well :yes:




    After a few very relaxing hours in the V-Room it was time to go and get on the big tin can :afraid: The flight was fortunately uneventful. Ben’s child meal never turned up, so he had to have the adult sausage and mash, which he was perfectly happy with. As was Ava, she rather enjoyed the mash and carrots :lol: The skycot was a tad snug, as you can see


    However, for the two twenty minute naps she had, was perfectly fine. Also, she enjoyed just sitting an playing in there, which was a great. We were in row 21 which was a row of three seats, perfect! We did bump into Bec on the flight, which we weren’t expecting, but I’ll leave that bit to her to explain :wink:

    We handed on time after a very unbumpy flight. In fact the seatbelt sign only went on once, which I’m sure was to give the cabin crew a bit of a break, as there wasn’t any turbulence when it came on :confused: The best thing about being in row 21 was that we were first off the flight, as we were in the little economy section just behind premium economy. We got through security and bag check very quickly and were off to the Alamo desk in no time.

    Anthony had booked a mid size SUV as he’s always wanted to drive one, but when we got there, there wasn’t any left, bless him, his little face just fell….so they gave us a full size SUV instead :lol: He was a very happy man!

    After a few wrong turns we found Satatoga Springs easily, and loved being “welcomed home”, such a nice touch! We managed to get Congress Park which was just what I wanted as well. The girl who checked us in gave me loads of bits and pieces for the kids, which was great. The room was perfect, the exact location I wanted. It was 8pm Florida time but 1am UK time, but we were still wide awake, and rather peckish, so we headed to the food court. Had a couple of flatbreads, which were lovely…..first food I didn’t take a photo of :blush:

    Tiredness then hit and we sauntered back to the room to crash out.
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    Such a shame that they don't have twilight check-in at Manchester :(

    Love how you told Ben the news, I wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret so long :clap: :hehe:

    Just saw the pics on Facebook & they're absolutely gorgeous!!!

    That's the row we were in March, so glad you got it & the skycot.

    :more: :more: :more:
  3. Vikki

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    Apart from having my hair done, I've not much on tomorrow so will do some more then :yes:
  4. DisneyGemma

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    Soooooo glad you've started!

    Can't wait to
  5. JanUK

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    Fab start Vikki. :clap: to you for managing to keep it a secret from Ben. I could never do that - i'm too excited! Looking forward to the next one.
  6. Bec

    Bec New Member

    Love the pic of Logan and Ben on the game! They did become great friends!

    I agree on the millionaire's shortbread TDF!

    Don't want to hijack vikki's thread but we were in front of her because we got upgraded at the gate to PE. And ended up having most of downstairs PE cabin to ourselves apart from some looney who was shouting and swearing mid flight, I think thats why the seatbelt signs went on vik, it was getting out of hand.

    Ava was so good on the flight bless her heart and Ben kept me well informed with the maps.

    Glad ant was pleased with the car and your room was perfect.

    Love your TRs Hun, can't wait to read more!
  7. tweenie123

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    Looking forward to reading this!

    Ben, Logan and Ava are all real cuties so hoping to see loads of pics!
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    Great start. I have to work tomorrow morning so make sure there is more to read I have at least an hour and a half before we have a doc and patients to see. Plenty of time to read about your adventure!!!
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    Sounds like a great start Vikki. Looking forward to more.
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    It's nice to read your trip report Vikki. I agree it's a shame about Manchester not having Twilight check-in & I can't understand why as the flight prices are usually not too different. The photo's of the children are really lovely & don't they look happy.

    Katie :)
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    Great start - cute kids.
  12. Kate

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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay you've started!!! :clap:
    Its a good job you didnt tell Ben the night before, he would never have slept - or anthony! :lol: Well done for keeping the maps safe for that long too, i wouldve lost them!
    I cant believe how big Ben and Logan are, theyve both shot up - looks like a long and happy wdw friendship they are going to have, i cant imagine itll be the last time they meet up thats for sure!
    Oooh, that person on the flight sounds a bit scarey, what was he shouting and swearing about? Wouldve frightened me to death i think!
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    Ah, that makes sense. Didn't realise the seat belt sign coincided with the loony man...
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    Tuesday 16th August:

    After all getting to sleep fairly quickly, Ava decided that 1am would be a good time to wake up :yawn: This made sense as it was 6am her time, which was milk o’clock for her. We fortunately managed to convince her to go back to sleep :yes: However, all of us, apart from Ava were awake and raring to go at 4.30am! We opened the curtains and told him it was still night time, so after him bouncing around a bit, he fell back asleep. No such luck for me though :lol: I went round to the food court as it opened at 7am and picked up some cereal and milk, not too expensive either which I was pleased about :yes:

    While we were waiting for Ben to wake up I had a good look outside and realised what a good position we were actually in. We were on the third floor and on the corner of the building. We were the furthest building along in Congress Park, which was just what I wanted as we were right next to the path to Downtown Disney.






    …………………and it has to be done


    After a bit of breakfast and getting ourselves suncreamed up we headed off to the Magic Kingdom. We were hoping to get there for Extra Magic Hour but wasn’t quite early enough. Also all the monorails seemed to have stopped working, so it took us quite a while to get there. Then I was very happy indeed…….I heard the Spanish on the monorail for the first time. I love that little soundbite! And yes, I do have the t-shirt that has it written on :wink:

    We went straight round to meet Mickey as we promised Ben it would be the first thing we tried to do. We thought we’d have to get a fast pass for it and come back later, but the wait time was only five minutes, result! We guessed a lot of people bypassed it first thing in the morning so they could get to the rides. In fact, we never waited more than five minutes here, and we did visit Mickey there several times :yes: We found it a much better location than Toontown.

    As we went in, Ava spotted Mickey, and the flapping began! It’s what she does when she gets excited, her arms flap and she just looks so funny! Ben got a wee bit :hyper: too! We let Ben go first and he almost knocked Mickey over with the speed in which he ran in for a cuddle. It was so sweet, Ben just would not let go. Then I took Ava in….slowly, to see what she’d make of it all. Flap, flap, flap! She thought it was brilliant! The Minnie walked in too and she went into flapping overdrive. I think we took a video of it, but I’m not sure as we hardly used it on this trip. First character interaction done…..success!


    The whole thing obviously was a bit too much for her as she thought this was a good time for a sleep. I let Ben choose what he wanted to do, so it was ‘those big rockets’.


    After a quick drink of water I took Ben on the People Mover. This was closed on our last trip, and I love it, so I was so pleased to ride it again. We’d noticed recently that Ben has got a bit unsure of anything dark so I did warn him that some of it would be a bit dark. As usual, loved the ride. I was a little disappointed that you can’t see quite so much inside Space Mountain as you used to though.


    Ava had woken up by the time we got off, so we went on Buzz. Ava thought this was hilarious and was flapping about all over the place. Ben seemed to remember it from last time and was intent on defeating the evil Emperor Zurg! He did pretty well, but got very annoyed when I kept spinning the car round, apparently he lost concentration when I did that :wink:


    We sauntered round to the baby care centre to feed Ava next. I remembered from last time the changing facilities were good, but had never used the nursing room before. It was lovely. I’m going to do a blog on taking a baby so have photos of all the baby care centres which I’ll include on there. It was a lovely relaxing room with rocking chairs and nice soft lighting. It never got particularly busy and on this occasion I got chatting to another mum who was telling me about the facilities at the other baby care centres, something we used an awful lot on this trip :lol:

    Off to Anthony’s favourite counter service place for lunch, Columbia Harbour House. We had the hummus sandwich, the fish and chips combo, a yoghurt, apple pie, orange juice and a coke. Sorry… pic :blush: This was plenty to share between all four of us believe it or not! As usual it was yummy. The sandwich was particularly good, but then I’m a big hummus fan :lol:

    We walked back through the shops and bought Ben a pack of cars……of Cars :lol: He played with these constantly throughout the trip, so were a really good buy :yes: We happened to catch the celebration parade too which was a bonus. I love the music to that, don’t suppose anyone has a link where I can hear it?


    Back on the monorail and back to the car. I should probably explain the Chevvy game here :wink: In the UK we have a Chevvy, in fact it’s our second. They’re not a particularly popular car here and you don’t see many of them. When we got our first Chevvy in 2007 we started playing the Chevvy game, where we basically shout ‘Chevvy’ whenever we see one. Daft, I know! In March we got a new Chevvy, a Spark, and the game changed slightly. It was one point for any Chevvy, three for a Chevvy Spark, and five for a blue Chevvy Spark, like we have. Ben is well aware of this game, but of course, unlike the UK, America has many, many more Chevvys, so the points went up quite dramatically! Suffice to say we never got any three or five pointers, but I did kind of keep track. Yes, very silly, I know :wink:

    So anyway, after getting back to the car we went off to Pulix for some essentials…..erm, Bud and crisps :wink: To be honest we also got sensible things like nappies as well :lol:

    After getting back to the room, we decided to chill out for a bit as we had a big evening ahead!


    Next time, a very special lady’s birthday!
  15. Kate

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    Love that Ava flaps when she's excited! :lol:
    Great start to the holiday, cant wait for the next ones!
  16. Vikki

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    It's so cute, sometimes we think she'll actually take off :wink:
  17. eeyorewells

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    Ok I want to go back now just to see Ava flap again!!!!
  18. lizzx10r

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    Loving the report. Ava is so sweet. I love it when little ones get excited
  19. tweenie123

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    Busy first day Vikki and great photos!

    Looking forward to reading more.
  20. DisneyHayley

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    Great start Vikki! :)

    I love surprise trips and love the photo of Ben's reaction! Can't wait for more!

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