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  1. JoR

    JoR New Member

    We have received confirmation that as of the end of March all the value resorts will have refrigerators included in all the regular rooms, they are already included in the value family suites

    There will no longer be an extra charge to have a refrigerator in your room
  2. Vikki

    Vikki New Member

    Great news!
  3. USCWest

    USCWest New Member

    Now they just need to add WiFi.
  4. GoofyDuck

    GoofyDuck Mad about the Duck

    :clap:Yeah, I saw this on the news yesterday. IMHO, they really should have done this for free at first as an added incentive, esp. for people with babies and those who need their medicines refridgerated.
  5. SportsMickey

    SportsMickey A walking SportsCenter

    If you had meds you could get one for free.
  6. Debi

    Debi New Member

    WooHo, about time !
  7. GoofyDuck

    GoofyDuck Mad about the Duck

    Oh, didn't know that.
  8. Pilotdog

    Pilotdog New Member

    Great news! Cheaper in room sodas are a plus!
  9. ThinkTink

    ThinkTink New Member

    No kidding! I like to bring cereal & milk too. Was always chilling stuff with a cooler in the tub full of ice.

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  10. AlecK

    AlecK A Pirate's Life For Me

    They have - available from today, free wifi at all resorts, in lobbies, guest rooms and bus stops.
  11. Debi

    Debi New Member

    :wow: Great News !
  12. USCWest

    USCWest New Member

  13. ThinkTink

    ThinkTink New Member

    That's awesome!!

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  14. Pilotdog

    Pilotdog New Member

    Oh I'm just seeing this, free wifi! It is about time as most hotels have this. But John don't leave you mifi home just yet because I don't think I've every had a GOOD wifi connection at any hotel that offers it. Here is hoping Disney does it better then most.
  15. USCWest

    USCWest New Member

    I've had pretty good luck anywhere I've used hotel WiFi, including Disney. I normally save my MiFi for places that don't have good or no WiFi like DD or DMIL.

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