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      Disney's always in my heart......Hello all!

      Hello all you disney lovers. I wanted you all to know how much Disney has meant to me ever since I was a little boy. Now I have a son of my own and I want him to come to know & love the Disney world the way I have because we all know how Disney can affect you! Well, I actually have a question maybe someone can help me with. I want to make Sunday nights our "Family Night". And that means "DISNEY"! So.....I need to know if anyone could help me with the list of all Disney movies (animated & feature), and if cronological order so I can start buying them for my new little family and build a special place in my new sons heart becase I want it to seem like a dream when I finally get to take my wife & son to Disneyland when he turns 5 Yrs. old (in 5 Yrs.) he's 3 mos. right now. I'd really appreciate it if one of my fellow Disney family members would help me out. Thank you all!

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      Hello and welcome to the forum. I think this might help.

      List of Disney theatrical feature films - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      THIS page should help, although it needs updating with some of the more recent animated features.

      Welcome to the MK forums
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      We are so glad you joined us, Maleficent!

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      Welcome to the forum.

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      Welcome to the forum!!

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      to the forums! So glad to have you join!

      What a wonderful idea for your family :) You have plenty of planning time for the magical first trip too - so make yourself at "home" and we'll help you prepare
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      Welcome to the Forum. One of the best ways to find those Disney Movies is to check EVERY online shop you can think of and compare prices and availability. Some of the older family films are fairly inexpensive at a few online merchants. There is always the Disney Movie Club as well (primarily for currently released films).
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      to Magical Kingdoms. We are glad you have found us and decided to join us.

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