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      Quote Originally Posted by dizneymom View Post
      It is definitely not a trust issue....more like doesn't like to be separated. My husband never even calls when I am gone. I get a couple texts from him and the kids and I am good. I call at the end of the day and tell how the day has gone.

      She has been in therapy for 8 weeks or so for an "impingement" or something on her right shoulder. We think pushing the wheelchair at the airport (when we get off the plane and go to DME might be what did the damage.
      Well, I hope you still had a wonderful time and best wishes to your friend. My wife calls me in the evening and a few texts throughout the day like you two do, usually food pics as well, and we are fine with that.

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      Your friend's DH sounds like my Mither-In-Law. She starts texting before our plane has even left the country.

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      My one son called me. (Now remember my sons refuse to go to Disney) He asked me a question about some coupons he got from a clothing store. I said "I don't know. I am not home. You need to ask DB or DF." He said "OMGosh! I forgot you are in Disney! OK goodbye!" He almost refused to talk to me while I was in Disney.

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      LOL I wish I could get someone to not want to talk to me when I'm at Disney. I bring my cellphone only so I can stay in touch with my wife nad kids in the park if we get seperated...and yes I got three calls from work with questions and two misdials LOL.
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