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Discussion in 'Guest Services' started by MKadmin, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    Why can't I post?
    To be able to post a new thread or reply to someone else's post, you need to be a registered member. Once you register you need to activate your account via the email you are sent. See this post for further details.

    How do I add an avatar?
    If you would like a picture under your username, click on the Settings link at the top right corner, and click edit avatar. From there, you can add one of our preset avatars, or upload your own custom avatar.

    How do I create a signature?
    Click on the Settings link (top right corner). From there you can add or edit your signature. See our Signature Guidelines for more details.

    Why do I keep getting logged out?
    If the forums keep logging you out, it's more than likely a cookie problem. See this thread for ways to fix the problem.

    Why am I not receiving email notifications?
    If you have checked the box to receive email notifications when someone replies to a thread you have subscribed to, or to receive an email when someone sends you a private message, and you aren't receiving emails, it could be for a few reasons.
    Check your profile to make sure that your email address is correct.
    If you have a spam filter set up, the email notifications could be getting filtered out. Some ISPs also treat forum notification emails as spam.
    Click on the Settings link (top right corner) and make sure you are subscribed to any threads, and have the box checked so that you receive an email when someone replies.

    How do I see what posts are new since I last visited?
    Just click on the What's New tab on the blue navigation bar.
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