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Forum/Posting Guidelines

Discussion in 'Guest Services' started by MKadmin, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    The Magical Kingdoms message boards and review centre was created as a gathering point for Disney fans and vacationers visiting the many Disney parks worldwide. Like many other privately run forums, a number of guidelines have been set in order to maintain a friendly atmosphere suitable for guests and members of all ages.

    The following guidelines/rules are in effect for our message boards:

    • Inappropriate language - The use of profanity on these forums is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to do so will likely be filtered and replaced with asterisks. Any attempt to bypass the filter is treated in the same manner as direct use of any such word and will be in breach of our guidelines. ​

    • Advertising & sponsorship – Unauthorised posting of advertisements and links to commercial ventures is forbidden. Any member seen to use the forums for solicitation will have their account suspended. If you wish to advertise or sponsor either on the message boards or on the main site, please contact admin@magicalkingdoms.com
      Asking members for charitable donations is also not permitted. ​

    • Linking to other sites – Linking to personal or any other websites is permitted, provided that
      1) you are not promoting a website for commercial service or profit
      2) It is *not* your sole purpose for registering on the forums and
      3) If you are linking to another Disney website, please ensure that the information being linked to is not already available on www.magicalkingdoms.com
      4) If you are linking to your own website, that site must have a link back to http://www.magicalkingdoms.com
      Moderators/Admin reserve the right to remove/replace any links deemed unsuitable for a family site such as this.
      Linking to websites of a pornographic nature will immediately result in a loss of posting privileges. ​

    • Posting – Although it can be a bit confusing navigating the forums at first, please try to keep posts relevant to the topic of the individual forum ie avoid posting welcome posts on the WDW dining board and so on.
      All text/reviews and photos posted here are consigned to the public domain, and in posting members agree that the text / photos may continue to be stored and displayed indefinitely. They also affirm that they are the owner of such materials and fully entitled to post those items. They agree that magicalkingdoms.com can store/display the items in perpetuity without cost/charge or revocation by the member​

    • Membership Conduct - It's inevitable that members will have disagreements from time to time on these forums. However, *IF* these disagreements take the form of personal attack, bullying, or baiting, then action will be taken. Persistantly breaching this guideline will result in account suspension. We hope everyone can enjoy the forums for its intended purpose and ask that members respect one another, regardless of circumstance.
      Members who visit the forums with the primary intention of causing trouble will have their account immediately terminated and will be reported to their ISP.
      As this board is aimed at an international audience, we also hope members can be mindful of the different nationalities, cultures and religions represented amongst our membership when choosing to post. ​

    • Moderation - The moderator team have volutarily been tasked with monitoring and maintaining the forums, and ensuring its smooth operation throughout the day. Their responsibilites include making sure our guidelines are followed, which can result in threads or posts being edited, closed, removed or re-directed. Should these decisions affect you, we do ask that you respect the action taken. Any threads discussing or questioning a moderator decision will be removed. Posting defamatory remarks about a moderator or the moderating team will result in a loss of posting privileges. If you have any questions, please direct them to admin@magicalkingdoms.com

    • Multiple Accounts. - If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact admin@magicalkingdoms.com and we will do our best to fix any problems. Do not create multiple accounts. Any member found to have more than one account will have their additional account/s closed. ​

    • Copyright Issues - Please check before copying any information from another website that a) that information is not readily available here, either on the main site or in another thread and b) that in doing so, you are not infringing on any trademark, patent, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party. Always provide a source for your information. ​
    Thank you for taking the time to read through our guidelines, we hope you enjoy visiting the Magical Kingdoms message boards and review centre. Happy posting!​

    Please note: The Magical Kingdoms Message Boards and Review Centre is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.​
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