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question on collecting pins

Discussion in 'Hobbies and Collectibles' started by dizneymom, Apr 18, 2013.

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    DD and I have collected pins since they were introduced in the parks. We focused on just buying the pins we wanted and not trading. Now she has more time on her hands and she has tried her hand at trading. I went through my pins and sent her my duplicates. She is having fun trading. She has found some great pins.

    My question is this. Is there any way to find out how 'rare' an older pin is...should we hang on to it...trade it...or what. The pins I am talking about were sent to us by Disney when we got our traveling papers. They sent 5 pins (one for each) two different times. We booked through a private travel agency. The company gave us $50 in Disney Dollars and they told us the pins were from Disney. I have three airplanes with Donald as the pilot. They other was an airplane with Mickey as the pilot. Since we have multiples, I am thinking of sending them to DD to trade.

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