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Special Rates on Child Safety GPS System

Discussion in 'Disneyland California Offers and Discounts' started by MKJo, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Magical Kingdoms Readers can get special rates on the Big Leap Child Safety GPS System.

    The Big Leap Tracking Device offers an assurance that if your child does go missing they can quickly be located again.

    A Big Leap Tracking Device offers:

    • A very small unit that can be easily hidden
    • Real time tracking from anywhere in the world via the internet
    • Parents can send a text message to the device which will provide a mobile web map link to the cell phone to
    do an immediate locate from anywhere
    • Urgent tracking mode for real time updates to locate the missing
    • Toll free hotline for customer support to locate the missing
    • Very low cost for the traveler
    • Provided with carry pouch/belt loop, velcro strap, and safety pin to secure in a pocket if needed
    People can rent the unit directly through http://mk.bigleapgps.com.

    The average trip to Disney is 6-7 days so the daily cost per device equals $4, $28 for the week. For shorter trips up to 3 days, it is $16.
    There are options for longer than 7 days also - all which equal $4 per day. We think this is a real bargain when you consider the costs for stroller rentals, drinks, snacks, etc., none of which provides you with live help to find you missing child fast!

    Click here to see more details and order using our special rates.

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