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      The one where the boy is poorly

      Monday 10th August

      We all work up at 7am ish this morning. The tea tasted much
      better this morning with proper milk, went well with the Krispies.

      Since it was early we decided to head over to Epcot for
      opening. We got the at about 8.45 and realised it was already open for
      Extra Magic Hour…..something we inadvertently managed to do rather a few times! We went over
      to Soarin straight away, remembering from last time the line for this was
      always massive (although it had only just opened last time we visited). The
      line was only 20 minutes, so I got in the standby line and we got a parent swap
      pass for Anthony to use later. I really thought the new games to play in the
      line were fantastic! If you’ve not seen them I won’t spoil it for you, but it
      almost makes it worth going in the standby line rather than in the FP line, as
      you don’t get it there. I was lucky
      enough to get section B, front row. It was brilliant. I have to say this is one
      of my favourite rides at WDW. Unfortunately the smells weren’t working, which
      was a shame.

      When I got back out, Ben had dropped to sleep, we were going
      to go for a drink, but we couldn’t take the buggy past the lobby which was a
      bit of a pain, so Anthony went to use his Soarin FP whilst I sat with Ben. He
      then got 2 more FP for Soarin for later on.

      Ben had woken up by the time Anthony got back, which was
      good timing as it was time for us to head round to Marrakesh for our midday ADR. We were very
      impressed by the feel of this place, really grand. We were practically the only
      people here so it felt a bit quiet, this soon changed though. We were brought a
      booster seat for Ben – something we never did again as there was nothing to
      hold him in and he kept slipping out. We used high chairs after that. Anthony
      had salmon and I had chicken cous cous. We’d booked here on purpose as Ben
      loves cous cous so we thought he’d love it here. He did not want to eat, never
      a good sign for Ben, usually he eats anything and everything. Real shame, the
      food was gorgeous! It was at this point Ben started looking a bit peaky. He was
      a bit sick (not much) and just wasn’t himself at all. So we decided to take him
      back to the hotel. The people at the restaurant packed up a take away pudding
      for us, which was a selection of little pastry things. Anthony insisted on me
      staying at Epcot whilst he took Ben back to the hotel. Can’t say I was too keen
      on this idea, but Anthony said there was no point in us both going, and since
      he’d been to Extra Magic Hour the night before, and Epcot is my favourite park, I should stay.

      I had a little wander around the World Showcase and took a
      few pictures.

      I went round to the American Adventure as I wanted to see
      the new Obama model……it was about two minutes into the show when I realised I
      was in totally the wrong place, it was the Hall Of Presidents at MK I was
      thinking of. By that time it was too late and I had to sit through it all,
      suffice to say, this is the only time in the trip I watched it.

      I had a text from Anthony to say they’d got back to the
      hotel ok and Ben was having a sleep. We thought it was the heat getting to him,
      that, added to all the excitement and travel and I’m not surprised it all got a
      bit too much for him

      I used the two Soarin FP and both times was seated with
      people who’d never been on it before. I love going on rides with people who are
      experiencing it for the first time, there was lots of “ooooooo” and “ahhhhhhh”.
      Fortunately the smells were working this time, which made the ride a lot

      I wandered over to Test Track, but the single rider line was
      40 minutes so I decided not to bother, so went searching for frozen lemonade
      instead. Didn’t have much luck, which was a shame. Anthony had sent a text to
      say Ben was awake and seeming to be much more like himself, so I decided to
      head back.

      On the way out I decided to visit the new

      Anthony had bought me a great book about the secrets of WDW,
      and they had say that just as you go past the caveman scene, take a flash photo
      immediately on the right, where it appears dark. This is what I got

      I loved the new Spaceship Earth and thought the new bit at
      the end was really good fun! It really made me laugh. There are some great pics
      of the ideas from Ben later on in the report when he went on it.

      The bus to Port Orleans Resort French Quarter resort at WDW was waiting for me when I got to the bus
      stop, which was great, so it was only a short trip back to the hotel. Ben had
      had a good sleep (as had Anthony) and was now feeling much better, so we
      decided to go for a swim. We’d bought Ben one of those UV suits and he looked
      soooooo cute! The little swim shoes we got were really good too. After about 10
      minutes of swimming we discovered Ben was not feeling better, we fortunately
      managed to get him out of the pool before we discovered this! So back to the
      room we went, deciding to stay in the next day so Ben could get over whatever
      it was. We all fell asleep early.

      Next time, a bit of a worry……

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      The one where we worry......

      We had a really restless night with Ben. He woke up
      frequently, which is really unlike him, and he just wouldn’t settle. In the
      morning he had a really high temperature and was not himself at all.
      Fortunately we had brought the wonder that is Calpol with us, and that seemed
      to help as it brought it down a bit. Even though he had perked up a bit we
      decided to keep him in for at least the morning.

      I sent Anthony off to Epcot for a few hours, there was
      really no point in us both being there, and I’d spent a couple of hours at
      Epcot the day before, so it was only fair really. Ben had a really long sleep
      and woke up feeling much better, you would never have known he’d been poorly.
      We were really pleased. The temperature had totally gone and he was back to his
      normal self. I have no idea what was wrong with him. It could have been the
      heat, the time difference catching up with him or maybe he’d caught something
      on the plane, we’ll never know, but it’d gone pretty much as soon as it had
      arrived, so we were pleased!

      I sent Anthony a text to say Ben was feeling much better and
      he came back and brought some lunch from the food court. The food court did
      this fantastic chicken wrap, it was soooooo good, I had that quite a few times.
      In fact, we all shared one a few times as it was so big! Ben was asking to go
      out so we thought we’d stay close and go and do some of the arcade games, using
      the free 30 minute voucher we’d got with our package.

      Ben really was totally fine by this point, but I didn’t
      think it was a very good idea to take him to a park, so we decided to go and
      wander around Downtown Disney for a bit. We asked Ben if he would like to go on
      a boat, and he was very keen. I really like the boat from Port Orleans to
      Downtown Disney. It’s so relaxing. We had a rather jolly captain as well which
      was nice. He was telling us about the tree house villas, which I’ve always
      though looked nice, but you never really hear much about them, I don’t think
      I’ve ever seen them mentioned on here.

      We really just had a quick hour around Downtown Disney, we
      literally just wanted to get Ben out of the room for a bit. He was totally fine
      though, and asked to go on a couple of the rides.

      It was a pretty uneventful early evening as we tucked Ben
      into bed. I went off to Epcot for Extra Magic Hour. I went on Test Track on the single rider
      line a few times and noticed it was a lot shorter than previous times. When
      Anthony had been that morning he said he’d got chatting to a CM about single
      rider lines. They said they’re trialing putting the wait time just below the
      standby line wait time, to discourage large groups going through. This CM
      stopped a group of 10 going through as he said they were taking advantage. The
      wait time said 30 minutes both times I went on, yet I was on in 10 minutes
      tops. I like this new idea, means people like Anthony and I, who are on our
      own, can get on quickly. I have no problem with small groups going down there,
      but some people really do take advantage. I saw families with really young children
      going through there which I thought was a bit odd. I wouldn’t let Ben when he
      was six go on Test Track on his own. Anyway, enough of that.

      I went round WS for a bit, did El Temp del Rio
      and Malestrom…..which broke, seemed to take an age for it to work again.
      Walking round the WS just wasn’t that much fun on my own, I made a mental note
      not to bother with another Extra Magic Hour on my own here again. I went round to Soarin,
      but the wait was over an hour, so I didn’t bother.

      I left and joined the queue for Port Orleans. Just as I
      joined it, the queue split into two, one for Riverside and one for FQ, which was great! I
      head a load of the Riverside people
      complaining that we got to the front quicker…..erm yes, but so did they as
      there were no FQ people in their queue anymore. The bus was there within a few
      minutes and it was a lovely ride back to the hotel. I got in around midnight
      and was asleep about five minutes later!

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      Wednesday 12th August

      After a lovely nights sleep Ben woke up about 6am. We asked
      him what he wanted to do today “go on bus”. Ok, so that should keep him happy!
      Then he decided “bus to Mickey Mouse”. That didn’t really help a great deal
      more, but since we were at the Grand Floridian café for lunch, we decided to go
      to MK.

      Once again, we just missed the opening, so headed round to
      the Speedway,
      as this was a ride we remembered always got busy. He we are waiting for our

      The wait was only about 10 minutes, which was perfect! I
      discovered taking pictures on here is not very easy!

      Ben loved this ride, although his ‘driving’ skills had a lot
      to be desired!

      The Tomorrowland area really does seem a bit dead without Space Mountain
      or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority at WDW Magic Kingdom (which I realllllllly missed on this trip!). Ben saw the Astro
      Orbitor and got rather excited! “Me go rockets, zooooooom”. So, suffice to say,
      we went on them.

      Anthony got a good view from on the ride.

      This was much better than the last time I’d been on. The
      last time, Anthony and I went in a rocket together, and it was rather
      uncomfortable to say the least, we’re not particularly big people, but it
      wasn’t good! Going on it with a two year old was much better! I had forgotten,
      however, just how fast it actually is, as Ben became pressed to the side as the
      ride ended. He really loved it, and we went on it rather a few times on this

      Carousel of Progress was next, another big hit, if just for
      the dog.

      Our next ride was Buzz. Ben thought this was hilarious. He
      sat with Anthony and I think this is the only time I actually scored more than
      him, usually Anthony blows me out of the water, I’ll have to remember to sit
      Ben with his more often!

      We went to Philharmagic next and the glasses were a big hit
      with Ben.

      Go away paparazzi! He was actually trying to wave without
      looking at me.

      Again, this was a big hit, but he was a bit freaked out by
      the champagne and the splashing water. We got over the champagne by putting his
      hat over the air blower on future visits.

      The carousel was next, which we all enjoyed. We were unsure
      as to which was Cinderella’s horse though, any clues anyone?

      We queued up for Winnie but it broke so we went for a wander
      to HM, Ben had a bit of a nap, so I went on HM to see if I thought Ben would
      like it. I thought it might be a bit scary for him.

      We got on the monorail and headed round to Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World for lunch. I
      just can’t decide about this hotel. One part of me would just love to stay
      here, but whenever I go there I wonder if it’s just a little bit too chintzy
      (did I spell that right?). Anyway, we love the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World café. Anthony had a steak and
      I had a fantastic burger with a cucumber salad instead of chips, which was a
      nice change. Anthony had a tiramisu for pudding and I had my first of many key
      lime pies. Ben shared from our plates.

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      Wednesday 12th August, continued:

      After a yummy lunch at the Grand Floridian Café we decided
      to take the boat back to the Magic
      Kingdom. We noticed a lot
      of construction work going on at the GF, although they hid it very well from
      the public, the only place you could really see what they were doing was from
      the monorail. During our three weeks, we watched a roof from start to
      completion as we kept going round on the monorail.

      Ben wanted to go on Pirates first, because “mummy a pirate”!
      This goes back to a pirate day I did at school just before the summer, where I
      had to dress up as a pirate – no embarrassing photo of that one I’m afraid. It
      was this time that we taught Ben how to do the “yo ho” song. Now, whenever we
      ask him “what do you do on the pirate ride” we get “yo ho, pirate me!” Bless
      him, he can’t quite remember the whole sentence, but it’s soooo cute. I have a
      video of it somewhere, not sure how to post a video…..

      There was no queue for Aladdin which was great, so we hopped
      onto that. I can’t remember ever having been on this before, but I really
      enjoyed it. As did Ben, who was going a bit mad with making us go up and down.
      This is an awful lot more responsive than Dumbo or the Astro Orbitor, and Ben
      was taking full advantage of that! We got totally soaked, which was rather

      We then tried to head over to Splash Mountain,
      but had totally forgotten about the parade, so got stopped by that.

      This parade was different from the last one we’d seen, and
      we all really enjoyed it, even though we’d not planned to. I bet the characters
      all miss the air conditioned snow globes though!

      After the parade we walked round to see how long the FP time
      was for SM, and were shocked it was for 8.30pm! It wasn’t even that busy in the
      park, so I was a bit surprised at that, unsurprisingly, we didn’t get one.

      One of my favourite things was next, frozen lemonade! I
      can’t believe we’d been here since Saturday and I’d not had one yet. It was
      soooooo good! Anthony wasn’t too keen though, and thought it was a bit strong.
      Those snack credits were really coming in useful though!

      We went round to the Hall of Presidents, which I wanted to
      see after my mistaken American Adventure fiasco the other night. Now, I’m not
      sure if this was on purpose, but Ben’s nappy sprung a leak so Anthony went off
      to change him. I said I’d wait, but Anthony insisted I go in. Hum, I think he
      didn’t really want to see it. I thought the new Obama figure was fantastic,
      although I did have a little giggle at the massive round of applause and the
      whistling and the standing up after his speech finished….I did however manage
      to keep the giggle to myself! I left the show to find a very relaxed Ben.

      After using our FP for Pooh we decided to head back to the
      hotel. The castle show was just starting though so we decided to stop and watch
      (this seemed to happen to us a lot today). I did find it slightly odd that the
      characters blinked and their eyes moved though.

      Ben even blew Mickey a kiss at the end, which was adorable!

      We managed to see yet another parade on the way back to the
      exit! I really loved this one and promised Ben we would watch it properly
      anther day. I realllly loved the music on this one. Does anyone know if it’s
      from something, or is it just parade music?

      We finally made it out after this parade… other
      surprises stopped us this time. We arrived just in time to catch the bus and it
      was a very tired family that rode back to Port Orleans Resort French Quarter resort at WDW! I managed to find Judge Judy on
      one of the channels. I really like Judge Judy, but all we get is 2001 repeats
      over here. I was a little shocked by how much work she’s had done in the last
      few years, can’t say I recognised her! Not a clue what we had for tea, but
      after tucking Ben into bed, Anthony went to Hollywood Studios. I fell asleep
      pretty early after a veeeeeery long day!

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      Thursday 13th August 2009:

      The one with the ‘raaarrrrrr’

      (I now have my photopass pics, so I’ll include some of those
      in here now)

      Ben slept through, which was absolute bliss. We were up
      fairly early and headed round to Animal Kingdom today. The first thing we
      wanted to try was the new fastpass system which is near It’s Tough To Be a Bug.
      We got a couple of FP for the safari, for about an hour later, which was fine
      for us. I don’t like that you can’t tell the time you’re going to get them for,
      but the benefit of not having to walk around to all the rides to get them
      outweighs that in my opinion. I know you can ask the CM to tell you what time
      they’re for, but we weren’t that bothered, so didn’t.

      We went round to Everest as Anthony was really keen to get
      on a ‘proper’ rollercoaster. We got a parent swap for this, but Anthony sneaked
      down the single rider line rather than go in the main queue. There was no wait
      at all, and he got right on. I went on after him, again, down the single rider
      line. Again, there was no wait at all. As I was chugging up the mountain, I got
      chatting to the lady next to me. I told her I hadn’t been on for a long time
      (I’d only been on once when we went in 2006). She said she hadn’t been on in
      ages too. Then we were hurtling down the mountain again going realllllllly
      fast! I have to admit, I had my eyes closed for most of this. I’d forgotten
      just how fast it actually is – perhaps I won’t be doing this one again in a
      hurry. Anthony went on again though! We decided to save the parent swap ticket
      for later. When we were waiting for Anthony we had a wander round the shop and
      Ben found that he rather liked the cuddly yeti, he managed to get a rather good
      “raaaaaaaarrrrr” going too!

      We walked over to the safari next, stopping to have a little
      play with the drums.

      It was a great safari, apart from the woman next to me who
      insisted on leaning over me every five seconds to take photos, and then leaned
      out of her side when there was something there so I couldn’t see…..grrrrr!
      Suffice to say, we didn’t get many photos ourselves on this safari, ah well,
      we’ll go it plenty more times.

      After going to Pizzafari for a quick drink we went to camp
      Minnie Mickey. This was a much better place for Ben to meet Mickey, he could
      get prepared to see the characters, rather than them being there all of a
      sudden, like in the Judge’s Tent. We almost got a smile from Ben!

      Minnie was much more of a success. He ran up to her when she
      held her arms out to him. It was lovely.

      Next was the Festival of the Lion King. This is probably one
      of our favourite shows, and we were sitting in the lion section today, ver
      unusual for us, we’ve only ever been in elephant before. There was a little
      girl from England
      who was asked what the giraffe sounded like, bless her, she looked petrified
      that she didn’t know. I have still never been to this show where the child has
      known the answer to that one!

      After a quick lunch at the pizza place in Dinoland we went
      over to Primeval Whirl. I love this ride, it really is one of my favourites! I
      was on with 2 girls who had never been on before. They were talking to each
      other, saying that they hope it didn’t spin round. I didn’t have the heart to
      tell them what the ride was really like. I did however ask them at the end if
      they enjoyed it, and they did…..the amount they were screaming through it proved
      that! Anthony went on as well with parent swap.

      We just had a bit of a wander around after that but Ben kept
      asking about the Yeti so we decided he could have it. We found the one he had
      been playing with earlier which was the smaller on, but he just looked at me
      and said “no thank you, big one please mummy”. Couldn’t resist, he asked so
      nicely, I bought him the big one….who knows how I’m going to fit that in the

      It did the trick though, and with a big cuddle of the Yeti,
      he fell fast asleep.

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      Thursday 13th August continued:

      The one where we get lost!

      After Ben fell asleep we thought we’d try and go on the
      rapids, but when we got there the wait was 70 minutes, so we decided against
      it. Instead we went for a walk and took a few piccies.

      Ben really was not in the slightest bit interested in waking
      up so we carried on…..

      As we walked under the tree of life we stopped and actually
      took notice of it, which we’ve never done before. We had a good look around and
      were constantly drawing each others attention to another animal the other one
      hadn’t noticed.

      All our walking around the trails and the tree of life we
      didn’t see a single other person, which was lovely, but shows just how
      undiscovered these areas actually are. We also got chatting to some of the cast
      members who were feeding some storks. We had noticed some little platforms
      which looked like drain covers and they explained that’s where the birds have
      to stand to get their food. It also doubles up as a scale for weighing them,
      which I thought was a great idea!

      We also stopped at one of the shops to get a new change bag
      for Ben, we got a safari one which was perfect. I also picked up some of the
      African animal masks, which I use in school. I got some a few years ago and
      they are great. I do a big project about Africa
      and we do a lot of craft activities with the masks, they are great fun to try
      and make!

      There was the beginning of a little rain shower by now and
      by the look of the sky, we decided it was time to leave, we had an ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) at Boma
      to get to anyway. As if on cue Ben woke up as we got to the car, and the
      heavens also totally opened!

      Now, we thought it would be easy to get to Animal Kingdom
      Lodge from AK, we were wrong! I’m guessing there must be some sort of cut
      through from the park, but we didn’t find it! We ended up heading towards the
      All Stars as we knew they were nearby, we finally found our way and we were
      heading towards Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World. By now the rain was really hammering it down. We got to
      the security checkpoint at Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World and were waved through. Now, we haven’t been to
      Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World since the villas were built so we had no idea where we were going. We ended
      up in a multi story car park which we thought was a bit wrong! We got out of
      the car and headed for reception…..discovering we were at the Villas and not
      Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World! Ah well, we needed to be there later in the holiday to go to Saana, so we
      put that down to experience!

      After finally finding Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World we got checked in for Boma. I like
      how the check in is now near the door as you go in, rather than having to go
      down to the restaurant, eases congestion at the restaurant. Also, I got the
      chance to take some pics of the shields for my Africa
      project….we make those too!

      Our buzzer (which Ben thought was a phone) went off pretty
      quickly and we headed down to the restaurant. Ben insisted on taking the stairs
      and walking himself, so this took quite a while! Amazingly we were sitting in
      practically the same place in Boma as we had for most of our visits there. I
      asked our server if the potato bacon soup was on that night as it was my
      absolute favourite. He said he didn’t think it was, but would get chef to get
      me some…….which made his tip go up! The soup actually was on in the end so he
      didn’t need to get me any. It was just as fabulous as I remember it being. I
      could have quite happily just had that for the whole meal. The food was
      wonderful, and this was the first proper meal Ben really had since he’d been
      ill. Plenty for him to like though, lots of meat! He is such a carnivore! The
      food was superb and much better than it had been on our last visit. Ben thought
      all the little puddings were wonderful.

      After we’d finished our meal we had intended to have a
      wander around Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World but it was still raining pretty heavily. However, we spotted
      a photopass photographer set up in the lobby. I’ve never seen any of them in
      the hotels before so we took full advantage. Up till now nobody had managed to
      get Ben to smile for a photo so we said she would be a miracle worker if she
      managed it! We were pretty impressed with the results. She spent ages with us!

      Since we hadn’t spent that long at Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World we went to the bar
      when we got back to Port Orleans Resort French Quarter resort at WDW, I had a realllly good glass of wine and Anthony had a
      cocktail. The first and only time we did that this holiday……it was most nights
      last time, you can tell we had a small child with us this time. Then it was
      back to the room and off to bed.

      Next time, the best character meal ever!

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      Friday 14th August 2009:

      The one with the first meet! (I know I said it was going to
      be the one with the best character breakfast ever, but there’s going to be a
      lot of pics on here, and it was a rather long say, so I think this day will be
      two parts!)

      We had an earlyish meal booked for tea tonight so thought
      we’d have a cooked breakfast on one of our counter service credits. We shared a
      combo meal. Can’t say I’d do this again – for a start Ben just wanted to eat
      the meat! I found the eggs to be a bit soggy, and I still don’t understand this
      whole scone at breakfast thing! I got some jam and had that on it, but it’s
      just wrong for breakfast!

      After breakfast we went out to Magic Kingdom,
      and since Ben seemed to be in a smiley mood, we took advantage of it!

      Eugh, gross!

      We went to meet Mickey and Minnie….again, and even managed
      some smiles…..again, about time too! Ben must have thought they were friendlier
      this time. It helped that they instantly crouched down to his level I think.

      After that, it was time for the Barnstormer……again!


      Then Winnie the Pooh…….again, are you seeing a pattern
      developing here?

      Then it was time to head round to the noodle station for the
      DisneyBrit meet. Was a little nervous as I had no idea who would be there, and
      I had no idea what Adam (the host) looked like. I need not have worried though,
      it was rather obvious who Adam was as he was wearing a DisneyBrit t-shirt!
      After introducing ourselves I nipped off to get a drink (the noodle station
      wasn’t open….as per usual!), so went to Tomorrowland and got a frozen coke,
      which was much nicer than I expected. When I got back, the DisneyBrit quiz
      began. Now I think I know a reasonable amount about Disney, turns out I don’t,
      we were pathetic! If you want to hear just how pathetic we were, listen to the
      podcast and see if you can answer the questions, go on, I dare you! We met a
      lovely guy there, who to be honest I have totally forgotten the name of, and
      have also totally forgotten the job he did….suffice to say he was a big deal at
      WDW and was really interesting to listen to. I could have easily chatted to him
      for hours! Help me out Adam, who was he? Adam then suggested a group trip to
      the laughter floor, after a group piccie of course!

      We’d not been to the laughter floor before, so were more
      than happy to do this. The wait was really short, which was good, and we really
      enjoyed the pre show. I thought this show was hilarious! Again, there is a
      recording of the show we saw on the podcast if you want a listen. When we were
      done we all went our separate ways, it was really lovely to meet everyone
      though, in fact we bumped into Adam a couple more times after that which was

      We went to use our Buzz FP next, Ben was becoming quite the
      expert at becoming our FP holder!

      Just as we were about to get in the car, the ride broke
      down! We were there for about 20 minutes before it restarted. It was so odd to
      see it with all of the lights off, very spooky looking through there! The guy
      at the loading area was great though, walking through and passing out loads of
      stickers, although I was more interested in the manic looking CMs running
      around trying to fix the thing, hehehe.

      We were going to do lunch at Starlight Café, but it was
      heaving, so we decide against it and went to our old favourite, the Harbour
      House. Lunch there, was, as always, lovely, and a bit different from the usual
      theme park offerings.

      As if on cue, Ben fell asleep after lunch as we headed over
      to Epcot.

      Next time, the one with the best character meal

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      Friday 14th August continued:

      The one with the best character meal ever!

      By the time we got round the Epcot on the monorail, Ben had
      woken up. I’m pleased he had as I really love arriving at Epcot by monorail,
      it’s lovely having a little look around the park before you get there. We all
      went on Spaceship Earth, Anthony thought the ending was hilarious! Ben loved
      the bit where the car turns round and you see the world, it was one of his
      “wow” open eyed moments.

      We went to Ellen’s Energy Adventure next. We thought the bit
      with the dinosaurs might be a bit much for Ben, but it wasn’t, he spent most of
      the time saying “ooooo look” (and he always seems to sound Scottish when he say
      that!). I also thought it might be a bit loud, but he was fine with it. After a
      visit to the Circle of Life, we went off to the Garden Grill for our dinner

      Who’s that coming?

      The food was really lovely here. We began with a garden
      salad, which Ben was not too keen on, but then he doesn’t really like salad, he
      enjoyed some of the bread though. We decided to treat ourselves to a bottle of
      wine, and Ben to one of those special kids drinks with the lit up car thing.
      The starter was followed by a lovely family platter with a lovely selection of
      meats, potatoes and vegetables. Our server also brought the kids selection for
      Ben – even though he’s only two and we don’t pay for him. He didn’t actually
      touch any of it, he preferred what we were having. I had his mac and cheese
      though, it was lovely! The characters here were fantastic. We had each of them
      come round at least three or four times, and since the place is quite small,
      they spent ages at each table. The characters also spent some time messing
      about with each other, which was really funny to watch. On one occasion Mickey
      came over and stole Ben’s little light up car and was driving it around the
      table. Ben thought this was hilarious, but when Mickey left, Ben hid it in his
      packet, just to be on the safe side.

      Dessert was a baked berry type thing, which I wasn’t really
      a fan of, but that’s just because I’m not a berry fan. Anthony and Ben both
      loved it though. After finishing up our wine and paying the bill we headed off.
      We tried several times to get another booking for here as we enjoyed it so much,
      but they were always fully booked. We would totally recommend this to anyone,
      it was a really great meal and the character interaction was perfect, we loved
      it and will be booking a couple of visits on our next trip.

      We headed round to the new Nemo ride next and to be honest I
      can’t say I was massively impressed with it. It was ok, just nothing special I
      didn’t think. I did like the comments from the starfish at the end though. We
      went round to the big tanks after this and Ben was really in his element, there
      was lots of “ooooo look!” Next was Turtle Talk. Can’t say Ben was too impressed
      with this one, we loved it though, as always!

      Anthony and Ben then headed back to the resort whilst I went
      to MK for Extra Magic Hour. Pirates was heaving, as was Frontierland so I went round to the
      Laughter Floor. I was in within 5 minutes, unfortunately it was the same show
      as we’d seen earlier in the day, but that didn’t matter, since they ‘picked on’
      lots of other people, it was almost like a totally new show. I went on COP
      next, always a good one to fill the time while you’re deciding what to do next.
      As we were about to leave the final scene, there was a bit of a problem, we
      didn’t move! So we were….erm, treated to the final scene again, and then the
      same thing happened again, and again, and again, but this time without the
      sound. Of course we all knew it so well by now that we all said the words
      together, which was really funny! Can’t say I’ve ever been on this and enjoyed
      it so much, we all had a real laugh! I sipped on a frozen coke as I headed
      round to BTMR, which I’d picked up a FP for earlier. I didn’t use it though,
      and went in standby as the line was only about 10 minutes. The people behind me
      were going on about how there was no way it was only going to be 10
      minutes….but it was. After a good zoom around, I went on again with my FP. I
      was going to go on again, but Spectromagic had just finished, so everything was
      getting busy.

      I was getting a bit tired, so didn’t bother to hang around
      for Extra Magic Hour in the end, and went back to catch the bus back to the resort instead.
      Even though Spectromagic had only just finished I managed to get a seat on the
      first bus, all of the other queues were really busy so I thought I’d been
      pretty lucky! Come to think of it though, this happened a lot during our trip.
      On the way back, I got chatting to an American lady who said she just wanted to
      talk to me to listen to my accent, I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or not
      to be honest. Fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

      Next time, a bit of a disappointment.

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      Some of those Garden grill photos of Ben are great. He seems shy in most of the other character pictures, but looks to be having a good time there.

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