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      The 'Dreams come true' trip March/April 2011

      Yippee - finally found the ooomf to start this.
      Been back over a week now and still suffering from the blues :(
      to make us all happy every member of my family (being myself, Gary and the 4 kiddies) have decided we want to go back loads of times lol so lots of planning to do

      I hope I can keep things easy on this report so I will do it by day and link it to this first post

      Hope you enjoy it :D

      the food trippie is here - will try and incorporate each days food reports into this trippie

      Pre-Trip report

      Live update from WDW

      day 1 - 28th March - The day we go! Edinburgh to London
      Day 2 - 29th March 2011 - THE flight to orlando and arriving in paradise
      Day 3 - 30th March 2011 - First day at the poly
      Day 4 – 31st March 2011 – Checking out of poly
      Day 5 – 1st April 2011 – First Day at a park - MK
      Day 6 – 2nd April 2011 – Epcot
      Day 7 – Sunday 3rd April 2011 – Animal Kingdom
      Day 8 - Monday 4th April 2011 - Hollywood Studios

      Day 9 - Tuesday 5th April 2011 - DTD and Epcot

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      day 1 - 28th March - The day we go!

      Attachment 1797

      Our flight from edinburgh was not until 2pm, but we still had to get up early.
      It was a mad rush to get things ready cause my mum was coming over to collect our cases and 1 person (we only have a ford mondeo which seats 5 lol)
      Ran round like headless chickens trying to get the house organised. We have had a leaking overflow pipe for years and the water pours out. It stops if you flush the toilet so we have my mother in law coming to do that whilst we are away:D
      BUT we had the plumber in so fix something so we could try and turn off the water. The plan was it would stop the leaking from the overflow thingy magigy lol
      Anyhoo - about 10am Garym myself and Rebecca, Charlotte and Louie left our home in Kirkcaldy and drove 30 minutes to my mum and dad's house in Edinburgh. We were leaving our car there and getting 2 big taxis from mum and dad's

      I took my travel sickness pills and gave one to Rachel - all go now

      When we arrived at Edinburgh airport to check in there was immediately a problem. On the Virgin flight we had paid extra for Louie tohave a seat. He is only 15 months, but Virgin had to change his date ofbirth so he appeared over 2 to allocate a seat to him.

      At edinburgh they were all confused as his date of birth did not match up despite Virgin reassuring it would be ok.

      Now we hadn't paid for a seat for Louie on the way to Gatwick, London, as it's only just over an hour flight, but it appeared that BA had him down as having a seat. I have never seen so many confused people in all my life. None of them knew what to do.
      We also found out we weren't getting on a British Airways plane as we had booked. We were transferred to an unmarked one - Aestreas??

      I wasn't happy - I don't fly well so this just made me even more nervous lol

      Lastly - we tried to make sure the buggies (double and a special needs one) were to be with us to the plane and as soon as we got off. Usual thing - they tell you to ask again at the gate

      This is a picture of the planes, but it aint our one lol
      Attachment 1791

      Typical thing - we were refused both buggies down to the plane despite pleading with them and trying to go over the fact it was all on our booking etc - no luck so we had to carry the kids and all our bags. We were told we might not get the buggies at gatwick either despite them being labelled as disabled

      OMG the flight was horrendous. Very very bumpy so I couldn't chill out. It made it worse that Louie started to totally freak out when we walked onto the plane (not sure if he suddenly felt claustrophobic), but he screamed constanly for 30 minutes before he gave in and fell asleep. This was so hard - he wanted cuddled, but he couldn't move as hewas strapped to me. I was so glad when he fell asleep and I had many comments from fellow passengers about how tired I must be now

      Gary wasted the entire camera battery life by taking 100's of pictures of clouds lol - you would think he never gets out eh?

      I love this one though - kinda looks like a space shuttle lol
      Attachment 1794

      Here is a report of our snack

      Arrived at Gatwick and as they said neither buggy was there when we stepped off the plane. I was started to get annoyed as a lot of planning had gone into this. WE dont go out much at home as it's difficult with all the kids and their pains they get when walking. To go on holiday was a massive thing for us. The fact we weren't getting any help at the airports was extremely disheartening.

      Anyway - we somehow managed to carry kids/bags then the girls had fun on the funny monorail thingy that takes you from one terminal to the other. This thing isn't as smooth as american ones and our trolleys with 8 cases were going all over the place lol

      Made our way to Virgin twilight check in. I opened one case to pull out our night time stuff, then we gave all our cases away to the lovely check in staff.

      They filled out the special assistance forms to make sure the buggies could stay with us. I started to feel like someone was helping.
      After this we took the nice stroll to the Gatwick Hilton where we had 3 rooms waiting for us for the night. Flight to orlando was the next day at 11.15am

      Very nice hotel - good that we had interconnecting rooms for us 6. One room had 3 single beds, the other had a double and the cot/crib.
      After a brief freshen up we headed to their restaurant. The staff here were FANTASTIC as was the food

      The kids meals were huge and we were all so stuffed after lol
      Got back upstairs and everyone got ready for bed. Charlotte is always the first one in lol

      Gary was just so happy that Friends was on - he watches this religiously very night lol
      Attachment 1793
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      Yey! A new trippie! I can't believe how unhelpful they were to you with the buggies. By the way, no, you don't look flustered

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      Sounds like a nightmare on your flight down & over the pond. I know how hard it was just with 2 kids. I think you're absolutely wonderful for doing the trip and coping so well!

      Your kids are just beautiful! :)
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      Here, but want to be at WDW
      I love trip reports. You dont look stressed at all. I get stress and my kids are 18 and 16
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      Great start, I love how organised it is :)

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      sorry to read about the very unhelpful people at the airport, bet the U.S side were more helpful.

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      You actually look very calm!!! Can't wait to read about the rest of your holiday........your kids are lovely!


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      What lovely children Sorry you had a hard time with the buggies :( I can't wait to hear more about the trip :D
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