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      Southwest Splendors, Adventures by Disney: Day 2: Sunday, September 25, 2011

      At 0545, it’s 66 and clear in Sedona, AZ (Elevation: 4826). We went across the hall at 0730 for a group breakfast and introduction of the members of the group. After breakfast, we all gathered in the hotel courtyard and had a presentation by a local animal expert. Lyd got to hold a tarantula, but we declined the opportunity to hold a snake. Then it was out to the trail. We all divided up and we went with one of our guides and a couple from Dover, DE. For the next hour we went “off-road” into the back country outside Sedona for an organ-juggling ride through beautiful country. Seatbelts were NOT optional. We had lunch at Heartline Café and then went back to the room for a well-deserved nap. We had dinner at Hundred Rox in the hotel. Lyd had Teriyaki Skewers (10) and I had a wedge salad (9). Lyd also had the Arugula Salad (11). She had the sautéed snapper (25) and I had the Marinated Grouper (25). We had no room for dessert. We both retired around 2000.
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      Sounds like great fun ! I'm not sure I'd have been confident with a snake either

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      I KNOW I would know have been comfortable with a snake.

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      TARANTULA???? eeek!

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