At 0630, in Moab UT, elevation 4554, it’s 56 with a prospect of 90 and clear skies. Following breakfast, we boarded the motor coach and returned to Moab and then into Arches National Park. We saw a variety of arches and even hiked up the side of a mountain to Turret Arch and across to Windows Arch before returning to the bus. Because of the baggage faux-pas, we were then treated to an unexpected jet boat trip further down the Colorado River before returning to a BBQ lunch. An hour of shopping in Moab preceded our return to Red Cliff Lodge. Following a short nap, we attended a wine tasting at the lodge’s winery. We wanted to ship home a few cases of their wines, but were informed it would be a year before they had the necessary licenses to send wine into Maryland. We had dinner with the Cahoons, from Dover, before returning to our cabin. The stars are quite beautiful and I took a few timed exposures.