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      Thanksgiving 2011 - Something to be thankful for!!!!!!!

      The theme of this trip report is something to be thankful for. You will find that out later in the report so here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And so the adventure began………….

      Late June after discussing with my DH (read harassing,threatening, nagging, etc… DH) he agreedwe were ready to go back to WDW. Havingtaken the advice from others on here I contacted Josephine Raccuia at SmallWorld Vacations (She was awesome and would highly recommend her toanyone!). Off I went to make all finalplans and put the “Travel Book” together to be given to each family! The family is used to receiving a book ondeparture day giving them all the info they need. Reservation numbers, telephone numbers,general information, menus, etc…….
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      November 1-16, 2011 I spent all my spare time sewing skirts,dresses, making hair bows to match, t-shirts with Tinkerbell wings on them andhaving things monogrammed so my twinciles could look the part when they visitedDisney. (Side note: I think this determination to make themedoutfits for the trip stems from the tacky stuff I am photographed in as a childon all our visits to Disney, lots of gimme t-shirts and caps with polyestershorts, thanks mom!!! In her defense itwas the 70’s) Ok back to Disney planningand prepping.
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      Thursday November 17, 2011 the obsessive compulsive packingand organizing everything to go in the suitcase was executed while the kidswere at school and my husband was at work!

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      These packing bags and instructions to pack given to mymother were the topic of many stories and lots of laughs in my family. I heard the family talk about it the entiretime!!!!

      Side note: I packedmy husbands out fit for each day and night in one ziplock bag and included apaper on the bag that states where we are going that day, the date the outfitwas to be worn and the weather forecast for that day. I then packed all three bags together in thesuitcase instead of having each person in their own suitcase. This way it is easier to get ready everydaysince all bags are together and if one suitcase gets lost during travel, it isnot all of one person’s clothing that is lost only a portion of everybody’sclothing gets lots. OK back to the tripreport.

      I had the children spend the night at my in-laws since theywere not going with us on the vacation they were not running around packing sothey could keep the all too excited twins entertained for us while we packedsuitcases and made sure car was ready for the next day.

      Friday November 18, 2011 – I woke up at 4:30am, I was tooexcited to sleep anymore and nervous about things turning out well. I got dressed and plugged my iphone in to chargeand update (bad idea) something happenedto my i-phone, and I had to restore factory settings, it was taking forever myhusband was already grumpy and there wasn’t much I could do about it. I tried to fix my phone and unplugged itbefore it had a chance to do its thing and we headed out the door to pick mymother up at her house (she was riding in my car) and pick the twins up attheir other grandma’s house. We hit theroad and headed on the 150 mile journey to San Antoniowhere we would catch our flight to Orlando. My brother and his family were leaving Laredo at about the same time and were headed to San Antonio and my cousin and aunt were already in San Antonio since thenight before. We all got to the airportwithin minutes of each other (that’s a miracle!!!) We checked in gathered kids, drivers headedout to leave vehicles in long term parking and off we went to wait for ourflight!

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      We arrived safely in Orlando!!!! Waited for Magical Express, loaded up thefamily aka “The Blob” and off we went to the Port Orleans French Quarter!

      I had already checked in all the rooms via internet prior toarrival so get situated happened pretty quickly.

      The Cast of Characters:

      Me, husband, twin daughter, my 70 year old mother, my 80year old aunt, my cousin, my brother, his wife and their 3 children, wheew!

      10 of the 12 of us decided to freshen up quickly and head onout to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very MerryChristmas Party. The bottleneck cause bythe crowds arriving for the party was a bit much but the park did looksplendid! It was cool weather and theexcitement of where we were kept us moving!!!!!!!!!!! Ah we are finally here after 3 years beingaway oh how I had missed you!!!!!!!!! The park was beautiful with all its Christmas decorations!

      This was us getting to the park at 6:30pm, we were already alittle worn on the inside and outside as this picture shows!!! It doesn’t matter because we are just gettingjolted with a little Disney magic to get us going!

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      The twins were tired but nothing was going tostop them once they reached the Magic Kingdom, weeks ofharassment from mommy “behave or you will not go…!” I had to milk the WDW vacation for what itwas worth!!
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      We met Wendy and Peter Pan!
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      By the way, we love Wendy!!!!!
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      We went to several of the different dance parties around thepark.
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      And rode on a bunch of different rides! The teacups were a big hit!!!!!!!!!
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      My Natali on the left NEVER EVER runs out of energy, I don’tknow how she does it but I want some of that too. By this time after 11pm and the rest of uswere starting to fizzle out!

      My girls LOVED the racecars, my rear end and back did notappreciate the ride as much since you are practically sitting on the floorsquished into those little cars getting banged around with crazy kiddriver!!!!!!!!!!!
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      It was time to head out of the park and the girls werefighting it. They did not want to go tohotel room and were begging to be taken to ride Dumbo. My DH and I were exhausted from all thetravel earlier in the day and were ready to head back!!!
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      Little Miss “I’m Not Tired!” Passed out on daddy during the bus ride to hotel!
      Name:  23.JPG
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      And so goes the first day of our adventure, more to come soon, day 2 cooming up!!!!

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      Great report...can't wait to hear more :D
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      Here, but want to be at WDW
      Great report and photos
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      Fab report! Gosh you are so clever making those clothes!! So pretty.

      Love the organisation too.

      Can't wait for more!

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      Great report! Looking forward to reading more.

      I love all the outfits and your organistion is amazing!


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      You could come and do my packing next trip if you like?! :D Cute pics of the girls and you're very talented making all those outfits!

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      Feb 2011
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      Loved the report and pictures your girls are so gorgeous in those outfits, super packing may take some tips!

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      What a great start!!!

      You take packing to a whole new level !

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      Wow. I am new here, but I love all the sewing you did! I'm so not crafty :-)

      Can't wait to read more.
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