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      North Adams MA USA
      I have to agree with you about the size and selection on counter service meals...Honestly why I do the DDP with TS and CS. I don't mind a standard take away meal once in a day, but don't think I could stomach it as a total diet. Really good to hear (and see) about Earl of Sandwich...have never done this yet and have plans to do it this trip. Food looks great and a nice change from the nuggets and burgers that tend to be the take away menu. Can't wait to see what else you tried :)
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      Ghiradelli - DTD

      For some reason we forgot to take pictures of the ice cream we had here lol
      Maybe we were all so desperate to dig in

      This is a firm favourite of my parents and they often just sit outside here and share a lovely ice cream

      Gary and I had been shopping with Rachel so when we returned we got ourselves a brownie sundae and got plain vanilla for kids to share.
      We did not realise my mum had already ordered for Rebecca and Charlotte some strawberry milkshakes - which none of them ate as they dont like strawberry ice cream. Not wanting them to go to waste, I took on the tough role of having to eat them both :D

      always yummy here!!!

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      Jan 2011
      America - Liberty Inn again

      after DTD we headed over to our new favourite park - Epcot

      This was Gary's first time here as he missed it a couple of days ago as he wasn't feeling well

      After doing a few rides and having so much fun the time was whizzing by, we realised it was after 7pm so headed round again to America.
      The kids really enjoy this one

      We got:
      2 x pulled pork sandwiches (notice a theme now lol? )
      Rebecca had the adult hot dog withour the chilli cheese
      Rachel and Charlotte didn't want much so they shared 2 x sides of fries
      Louie got the adult chicken nuggets with fries all to his self lol (he really shared it with whoever wanted some)
      2 x soft drinks
      about $45

      Again - no complaints - we all love this one.

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      Colombia Harbour House - MK

      In Mk today and spent the entire time in Tomorrowland - crazy how much stuff there is to do - always something new to experience

      Rachel decided she wanted to the colombia harbour house again for tea, so at 5.30pm we headed to libery square via the castle. This was our first walk through the castle which is always magical

      Again it was crazy busy in here -we did toilet break first and napy changes whilst mum and dad got us a table upstairs this time.

      we got:
      1 x chicken nugget meal with fries
      1 x fish meal with fries
      1 x combo meal (chicken and fish) with fries
      1 x kids mac n cheese with fries and grapes and an apple juice
      3 x sides of fries
      2 x soft drinks
      2 x apple juice

      came to approx. $50

      well would you believe it we ordered waaaaay too many fries lol. We thought they would eat it as the girls seemed to only want
      to eat fries now

      Rachel and Rebecca shared the fish basket
      Gary and I shared the combo
      Charlotte ate chips then shared Louie's mac n cheese

      As we bought too much, gary and I were left to eat everything else as we didn't want it to go to waste.

      Realised we are definately getting fed up of this type of food. I think the money we are spending on it is scaring us now

      either way - not a good idea to eat too much prior to riding thunder for the first time - I had to take lots of gaviscon tablets to settle me tum tum lol

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      hi Mandy, sorry to read your DH is unwell, hope he's better soon, great food trippy :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by MandyG View Post
      Snack on British airways flight from Edinburgh to London Gatwick

      really hate flying with BA - they staff are awful and the service is rubbish

      we had a quick snack onboard and a drink

      bag of nuts and raisons or a cookie (which looked yuk!)
      I had a lemonade and kids had orange juice (Gary and I don't drink alcohol so you wont see any of that in this Food TR lol)

      Attachment 1723

      Virgin Atlantic Meals to Florida

      We had stayed overnight at the gatwick hilton and had a meal there. The food here was great, but a tad to expensive for us. Despite that the staff were brill and everyone ate.

      I wasn't really looking forward to eating on the plane as I had heard the food had deteriorated a lot
      I remember going PE in the 90's and thought the food was brill.

      Here is what we got:

      Kids were fed first. First problem was they forgot Louie's meal. Yes he is an infant, but i paid extra for a seat for him so would expect a meal. We finally got it, but then they bypassed my meal as I had Louie's tray on my fold down tray thing.

      Kids meal

      Dinosaur shaped pasta in bolognaise sauce
      Bag of raisons and sultanas
      bag of haribo mix sweets
      orange juice
      peter rabbit peach and apricot smoothie

      Attachment 1722

      All the kids (except Louie) hated it. Rebecca ate nothing at all.

      Adult meal was just as bad

      Choice of sheperds pie or veggie chilli
      prawn salad
      roll with butter
      chocolate pudding with raspberry compote

      for some reason we forgot to take a picture of this. I eventually got mine after asking for a 4th time. It was awful anyway so I am glad I ate the kids meals lol

      Half way through the flight we got a choc ice.

      Afternoon tea
      Kids - jam sandwich and soft cheese sandwich
      raisons and saltananas (again
      mini chedders

      again they forgot Louie's and they never came back with his chedders. None of the kdis ate this

      Adults - coronation chicken or a cheese and pickle sandwich
      with a chocolate and raison cookie
      Ours was pretty much the same - Virgin Atlantic. To be honest my kids don't like the plane food, but my daughter does need to eat as she is diabetic, so we bought sandwiches, sausage rolls and crisps in WHSmith at the airport.

      Flight meal going - not sure if it was prawn or potato salad but it was actually quite nice, beef something or chicken something - ok - ish, choc/raspberry compote, water, roll and butter. Choc ice during flight and then as you say Coronation chicken or cheese and branston sandwich.

      Flight meals on return - ewwwwwwww.
      Do you know when you just think ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Plain salad. The choice was chicken and mash or beef stew. I opted for the chicken and one taste and it just tasted salty and made me feel sick. A stale roll and butter. Water. Some kind of cake,it had a taste of cinnamon, and a tiny bit of cream, but to be honest I'd struggle to guess what kind of cake it was it was just stodgey.
      An hour before they landed a cheese and egg sandwich - also so sickly.

      To be honest the staff were lovely, but on the return flight I was gagging for a brew, so she brought the tea and just poured my brew and was gone, I had to shout her and ask if there was any milk or sugar and she looked at me so disgusted, it was on the tray but it was like she didnt have time to let me grab it!!!

      Think next time I'll take a leaf out of my daughters book and buy my food at WHSmith, and that way you can eat when you want can't you and not wait til its dished out.

      Flight out -

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      Here, but want to be at WDW
      We always take some sandwiches, pringles and wine gums on the flight.
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      Cookes of Dublin

      this is just a brief report.

      We had had a hectic day of spending money at DTD lol, and by the time we got back to the car it was 6pm and we were starving.

      My brilliant parents picked up up, but they had sneakily been into Cookes and grabbed some chips (fries) and onion rings with a lovely, yummy, cheese and bacon dip.

      This all tasted very very very good and we definately wanted to eat there for real sometime soon.

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      Jan 2011

      After a few days of eating out, we realised we were spending a fortune on food.

      So, we decided to take our own food into Animal Kingdom on this day.

      Mum had prepared sandwiches - cheese, ham and ham n cheese, and packed lots of juice, raisons, crisps (potato chips), yoghurts, babybelles
      and other snacks.

      This was great. We headed round to dinoland and grabbed a bench on way to the Nemo musical. Just sat for half an hour eating our stash of yummies lol - definately felt good to not spend any money haha
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