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      Wedding Reception Ideas

      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to the forums and happened to stumble upon this site while searching for wedding ideas. I have came to the conclusion of having the wedding in Florida at Walt Disney's Pavillion, it looks amazing although still in the process of combining all my ideas at the moment.

      The part I am stuck at however is the reception venue, I've to going through them all over and over, and just cannot decide on a few of them. So if anyones done the whole wedding thing at Walt Disney World I'd love to hear some stories/opinions etc. The plan is to have a small wedding with mainly close family and friends, so it would be between 20-50 people I think.

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      Jan 2011
      Lincolnshire, England
      Afraid I can't help with your specific questions, but I just wanted to welcome you! We have quite a lot of members who have got married at WDW and I'm sure they'll be along to help you soon

      I'll look forward to hearing all about your plans though!

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      Our niece got married at WDW in November. Their reception was at EPCOT inside the Living Seas Pavilion. Mickey and Minnie showed up dressed in their finest and there was a window into the fish tank where a diver came up with a sign, which unfortunately I couldn't read from where I was seated but I assume it was something along the line of "Congratulations". The food that was put out was fabulous and included lobster macaroni and cheese.

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      We got married at the Wedding Pavilion and had our reception at St Augustine Ballroom at the Grand Floridian.
      I wrote a blog on it here -
      I've also got pics of loads of venues here -
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