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      Mouseketeer **susie**'s Avatar
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      Feb 2011

      Cali Grill & Fireworks

      I've got a reservation at CG for 7:40pm however, i've just realised that Wishes starts at 9pm that night.

      I have a feeling that won't give us enough time to finish our meal and get out onto the deck.

      The only other times left are 5:45 or you think it would be best to amend my reservation? Or is it best to get a 7:25 resi on a nigh when Wishes is on at 10pm?

      There will be 8 of us so dinner may take a while.

      I also fancied getting there around sunset, I have no idea what time this may be though!

      Thanks guys!
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      Moderator tweenie123's Avatar
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      Apr 2008
      I wouldn't worry. Your server will make sure that the stages of your meal are served to correspond with the fireworks so that you can go out to watch them. Just make sure you tell him/her that this is want you want to do when you get to your table.

      Several times we've just had our starters before the fireworks and then come back to have our main courses. Other times we've left dessert until the fireworks have finished.


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      Disney-holic Family TimonAndPumba's Avatar
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      with Cath... we've had the same experience - the servers are really good that way Just let him/her know, and they will serve you around wishes :)
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      Administrator USCWest's Avatar
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      May 2008
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      Yep the servers will definitely accommodate you.

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      Mouseketeer **susie**'s Avatar
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      Feb 2011
      Thanks everyone! I'll stick with what i've got then

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